HR Operations

Time offs, leaves & holidays

Vacation time off

Information on accrual and use of vacation time off, as well as what happens to your balance if you change UW jobs or leave the University

Bereavement time off

Time off for a family member's death

Civil duty time off

Time off for jury duty, trials, and subpoenas

Discretionary time off

Time off awarded for noteworthy achievement or effort

Time off related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking

Leave for employees affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking

Leave for reasons of faith or conscience

Optional two unpaid holidays for reasons of faith or conscience

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Detailed information to help you understand your rights and protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Family care emergency absences

Family care emergencies occur when regularly scheduled care plans are interrupted due to a school, camp, facility closure and/or the unexpected absence of a care provider.


Information on the UW's 10 scheduled holidays, including pay and holiday credit

UW holiday calendar

Specific dates for UW holidays

Leave of absence without pay

Information on how to request a leave of absence without pay, as well as the impact this type of leave has on benefits, salary increments, and time off accrual

Military duty leave

The rights and responsibilities of UW employees called to military duty

Northwest Hospital carryover time off

All classified non-union staff, contract classified staff, and professional staff who worked in eligible positions at University of Washington Medical Center – Northwest prior to January 1, 2020 may have a balance of Northwest Hospital carryover time off, which should be used prior to using sick time off.

Overtime/Compensatory time off

Understand how and when employees earn overtime pay and compensatory time.

Parental leave

Time off to bond with your newborn or newly placed adopted or foster child

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

Learn about eligibility and how to apply for this new state benefit that offers partial wage replacement when you need to take leave for a qualifying event.

Personal holiday

Regular employees receive one paid personal holiday per calendar year.

Prior Washington state service credit

Vacation and sick time off credit for previous Washington state employment

Professional leave

For employees who work on a project or acquire knowledge and/or experience that will enhance the individual’s future contributions to the University.

Shared leave options

Shared leave helps employees financially manage work absences caused by a severe, extraordinary, or life- threatening health crisis or other qualifying circumstance.

Sick time off for regular contract covered, classified, and professional staff

Information on sick time off accrual and use, as well as what happens to your leave balance if you change UW jobs or leave the University

Sick time off- Attendance Incentive Program

Learn about the sick time off attendance incentive program

Taking time off for an event or activity during the work day

Guidance for when supervisor approval and/or time off requests are required for employee participation in work-related events such as orientations, trainings, online courses, and community building activities.

Sick time off for temporary and student hourly employees

Understand your sick time off benefit if you are in a temporary or student hourly position.

Temporary disability leave for pregnancy and childbirth

Leave available to birth parents for prenatal and postpartum medical needs

Unpaid time off

The University may allow unpaid time off if you don’t have enough accrued time off to cover your time away from work.