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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Detailed information to help you understand your rights and protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Faculty paid sick, medical or family leave

Per the Faculty Sick Leave Policy, faculty may be eligible for up to 90 calendar days of paid sick leave.

Leave of absence without pay

Information on how to request a leave of absence without pay, as well as the impact this type of leave has on benefits, salary increments, and time off accrual

Parental leave

Time off to bond with your newborn or newly placed adopted or foster child

Leaves for becoming a parent – academic personnel

This page applies to academic personnel who are new parents, birth and non-birth parents — regardless of how long they have worked at the University.

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

Learn about eligibility and how to apply for this new state benefit that offers partial wage replacement when you need to take leave for a qualifying event.

Professional leave

For employees who work on a project or acquire knowledge and/or experience that will enhance the individual’s future contributions to the University.

Shared leave options

Shared leave helps employees financially manage work absences caused by a severe, extraordinary, or life- threatening health crisis or other qualifying circumstance.

Temporary disability leave for pregnancy and childbirth

Leave available to birth parents for prenatal and postpartum medical needs