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Length of FMLA leave

Last updated: September 22, 2023

This page applies to all staff, academic personnel, and student employees.

You get up to 12 weeks of family and medical leave per 12-month period. We use a rolling 12-month period to determine your FMLA balance.

Your time off or leave of absence may be taken as a single block of time or, when medically necessary, on an intermittent basis or as a reduced work schedule.

Calculating your available leave

Step 1: Determine the date you wish to start your leave.

Example: March 10, 2016

Step 2: Count back 12 months from that start date.

Example: March 11, 2015
FMLA calendar Graphic 1

Step 3: Add up the FMLA time already taken during that 12-month period.

Example: You took two weeks in April 2015 and three more weeks in January 2016. Total used in the past 12 months: five weeks.

FMLA calendar Graphic 2

Step 4: Subtract the amount of time already taken from the 12 weeks allowed. The remainder is the amount of time you can take for your current leave.

Example: 12 weeks minus 5 weeks = 7 weeks available

Part-time employees

When you work a part-time schedule, your available amount of FMLA leave is determined on a pro rata or proportional basis. FMLA provides up to 12 weeks of leave. A week is determined by the number of hours you normally work.

Leave taken as full weeks: An staff or student employee or librarian who works 35 hours per week is entitled to 12 weeks of leave, which would total 420 hours (35 x 12), not 480 (40 x 12) hours. Faculty at 0.875 FTE are entitled to 12 weeks of leave, which would total 84 days (12 x 7 days).

Intermittent or Reduced Schedule: Only the amount of leave you actually take counts toward your leave entitlement. If you normally work 30 hours a week, but only are able to work 20 hours following surgery, your 10 hours of leave equal one-third of a week of FMLA leave for each week of the reduced-leave schedule.

Cyclic or academic year employees

  • If you are in a less than 12-month service period, you are entitled to FMLA only during periods you are scheduled to work (contracted teaching periods), including summer if contracted/scheduled to work.
  • If you are in a 12-month service period, you are eligible for FMLA year-round while in active paid status.