Labor Relations

WFSE – UW Negotiations Recap for Monday, June 27, 2022

This recap details the first virtual session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the University of Washington and WFSE. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

WFSE PM Initial Proposals

Article 1 – Union Recognition
The Union proposed current contract language.

Article 2 – Non-Discrimination
The Union proposed that when describing race, traits would include communication styles in addition to current contract language of hair texture and protective hairstyles. Also, communication styles would include, but are not limited to, Ebonics.
UCIRO Complaints
The Union also proposed that the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO) would acknowledge receipt of complaints within 10 calendar days and provide an anticipated timeframe for the investigation. In the case that the UCIRO investigation exceeds 30 days, the Union could request a status update from Labor Relations.

Article 3 – Reasonable Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities
Employees Requesting Accommodation
The Union proposed striking that the Employer may require the employee to obtain a second medical opinion at the Employer expense after the employee submits supporting medical documentation. The Union also proposed that if the Employer was to find other duties to serve as a reasonable accommodation, then the Employer would also provide adequate training. Additionally, the Union proposed that the Employer could attempt to find another position and would provide adequate training for that as well.
Pregnancy Related Accommodations
The Union proposed reducing the amount of weight a pregnant employee would be limited to lifting from 17 pounds to 5 pounds.
Finally, the Union proposed striking that the Employer could deny an employee’s request for reasons of significant difficulty or expense and instead would defer to the recommendations from the employee’s healthcare provider.

Article 4 – Workplace Behavior
The Union proposed that when the Employer is investigating complaints of inappropriate workplace behavior it would be able to request a status update after 30 days rather than the current contract language of 60 days. Additionally, the Union proposed striking that grievances filed under this article could only be advanced up to Step 3, Mediation.

Article 5 – Affirmative Action
Goals and Timetables
The Union proposed that the Employer would provide the Union with its affirmative action reports on a semi-annual basis and that these plans would include data on retention and recruitment.

Article 6 – Grievance Procedure
The Union proposed the ability to unilaterally decide to skip Step 3 mediation in the grievance process.

Article 7 – Employee Rights
The Union proposed that an employee would have at least 96 hours in which to secure a representative for a mutually scheduled investigatory meeting.
The Union proposed that when the Labor Relations Office receives a request for release from the Union, the office would notify the participant’s supervisor of them being approved for release and supervisor(s) would not arbitrarily deny release requests. The employee would also inform their supervisor of the date and time of their release. Also that if there’s a conflict with the release request, the supervisor would inform the Labor Relations Office and the employee within two days and would provide a written reason for the conflict.

Article 8 – Employee Facilities
The Union proposed that lactation stations would be included in the list of provided facilities for the use of employees. Additionally, in the case of hazardous or subpar conditions, the Employer would be required to take immediate action to address and fix these conditions.

Article 9 – Hours of Work and Work Schedules
Full-time Employee
The Union proposed that an employee scheduled to work a minimum of 36 hours per week in a seven day period; or an employee scheduled to work 72 hours in a 14 day period would be considered a full-time employee.
Rest, Meal, and Clean-up Periods
The Union proposed that the Employer would provide a minimum of 45 minutes of travel time to allow mobile employees to get to an appropriate location to take their rest or meal period and to return their work vehicle or work location.
Work Schedules
The Union proposed that work schedules of 36 hours or more be considered full-time employment.
Shift/Schedule Assignment Notification
The Union proposed that the Employer would provide no fewer than 30 calendar days notice to an employee in the event of an Employer-directed permanent change in the work shift assignment or work schedule. Also, any temporary shift changes would require at least four calendar days’ notice and could not be used to avoid the accrual of overtime.
The Union proposed that for positions that are telework or hybrid eligible, the Employer would make its best effort to provide for telework or hybrid opportunities.
Clock-In/Clock-Out Grace Period
The Union proposed that the Employer would grant all non-telework employees with a 15 minute grace period when clocking in and out.

Next Steps
The next WFSE and UW bargaining session is scheduled for Thursday, July 14, 2022 and will be held virtually.