HR Operations

Employee FMLA checklist

The FMLA process can be complex. You always have your supervisor and leave specialist as a resource for questions and guidance.

In addition, here is a checklist to remind you of your responsibilities when it comes to FMLA leave:

  • Submit a leave of absence or a modified work schedule request at least 30 days in advance (if possible), using your department’s leave request procedure.
  • Campus employees: use Workday to request FMLA.
  • Medical centers employees: contact your HR leave specialist
  • Ask the health-care provider to complete the medical certification form.
  • Send your completed certification form to Human Resources (not your supervisor).
  • Contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) to discuss continuing your benefits while on leave.
  • Contact Transportation Services to discuss discontinuing parking deductions from your paycheck while on an extended leave.