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Betsy BeMiller

Workplace Resolutions, LLC


Consultant Betsy BeMillerI established Workplace Resolutions, LLC nearly 30 years ago to bring my knowledge, skills, expertise, ability, experience and heart in support of healthy, effective working relationships and cultures. I live this philosophy in my personal life, my service to communities and my professional work with organizations.


  • Facilitator: dialogues in support of healthy, effective working relationships and team strengthening – including working with race, culture, gender and power imbalances
  • Trainer (virtual & in-person): Conflict Resolution Skills; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Workplace Discrimination/Harassment; Preventing Workplace Violence; Crucial Conversations; Crucial Accountability; Influencer
  • Coach: Leadership Development; Communication advancement; Conflict Resolution
  • Culture Intercessor: assess, design and/or facilitate processes to address complex relationship challenges and barriers to effective administration of work
  • Mediator: expert listener- active listening; assessing positions, interests, issues and relationships; designing conversations in support of increased understanding and building effective, sustained resolutions


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: training (designer, developer, deliverer), facilitating “courageous” conversations, assessing workplace cultures, consulting on workplace relationships

Mediating resolution of informal and formal complaints on discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, sexually charged environments; post-complaint restoration of professional relationships

Assisting leadership and staff address issues and restore and strengthen professional relationships via holding specialized interviews, developing shared ownership and responsibility, and creating agreements toward healthy, safe, effective cultures and processes

Designing and facilitating Core Values processes involving whole systems (organizations, divisions, departments, units) by organically exploring and collaboratively identifying core values that provide strong foundations for effective, professional interactions and practices.

Coaching professionals whose communication and/or leadership styles would benefit from safe, effective processes to explore goals, understand one’s own and others’ perceptions, and develop skills and strategies to strengthen professional and personal relationships.


  • Graduate of University of Iowa with a degree in Business Administration, with emphases in Labor Relations and Human Resources Management
  • Nearly a thousand hours of post-graduate specialized trainings in leadership, management, supervision, mediation, facilitation, coaching, communication
  • Certified Mediator
  • Certified trainer (virtual, in-classroom) for VitalSmarts™, which empowers me to deliver its Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability® and Influencer® trainings
  • Certified trainer for The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Situational Leadership®II, Situational Self Leadership®, Gung Ho! ® (employee commitment), Raving Fans® (customer/ client satisfaction), DISCovering Self and Others® (understanding work styles) and High Performing Teams


  • Universities, Community Colleges, K-12 (Univ. of Washington; Community Colleges, Technical Colleges; Univ. of Puget Sound, The Evergreen State College)
  • Governmental Agencies (cities, counties, special districts, state, federal); State of Washington: Ecology, Military Department, Enterprise Services, Transportation, Fish & Wildlife, Natural Resources, Agriculture)
  • Honda USA; multiple medical practices; multiple small manufacturing companies
  • Volunteer (King County Dispute Resolution Center, King County Interlocal Dispute Resolution Program)
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