Labor Relations

Service Employees International Union 925

Over 5,000 people who work for the University of Washington are represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 925 making it the largest union working with the University. Accountants, parking attendants, graphic designers, budget analysts, cashiers, medical technicians, and many more people working on campus and at medical centers are represented by SEIU Local 925.

Current contract

The current contract between UW and SEIU Local 925 can be found here. Additional Memoranda of Understanding and other agreements bargained mid-contract can be accessed on the Mid-cycle MOUs page.

Negotiation updates

News and updates on the latest UW-SEIU 925 contract negotiations can be accessed on the Negotiation Updates page.

RCW 43.88.583 Summary

2023-2025 SEIU Local 925 Contract (ratified agreement with RCW 43.88.583 Summary)*

*This summary was drafted upon ratification, so please consult the current contract for the most up to date version.

Previous Contracts

2021-2023 SEIU 925 Contract 
2019-2021 SEIU 925 Contract
2017-2019 SEIU 925 Contract
2015-2017 SEIU 925 Contract
2013-2015 SEIU 925 Contract