Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for January 10, 2023


This recap details the thirty fifth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. This is the ninth session with PERC mediators. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Union Counter Proposals

Compensation, Wages, and Other Pay Provisions – In response to the Employer, the Union modified its proposal to include employees moving to proposed minimums over time. Upon ratification, employee salaries would move one-third of the way to the proposed minimums. The Union also proposed that employees who do not meet the state minimum salary threshold would be raised to that threshold. Any employees not receiving a salary increase would receive a 2% increase. Additionally, effective January 1, 2024, the Union proposed employees who were moved to the 2023 state minimum salary threshold, would receive an increase equal to half the remaining difference to the minimum salary for their job title. All other employee salaries would be increased an additional third towards the proposed minimums. Employees being paid over the proposed minimum would receive a 2% increase. Finally, the Union proposed that effective January 1, 2025, all employee salaries would be increased to the minimum proposed in appendix I and II.  This includes a minimum of $72k for Assistant Librarians, and a 10% differential for each of the subsequent ranks.  For Professional Libraries and Press employees, the amounts are variable by job class. Employees being paid over the proposed minimum would receive a 2% increase.

MOU Libraries Supplements – The Union proposed an increase in base pay for employees to replace the their current supplement or to receive an increase for their title if not currently receiving a supplement.  Assistant Head would receive $250, Head would receive $300, Assistant Director would receive $400, and Director would receive $500.

Package Proposal

Layoff, Seniority, Rehire –The Union’s proposal includes two separate provisions; one for Librarians with permanent status and one for Librarians without permanent status as well as the Professional Libraries and Press employees. The provisions that apply to Librarians with permanent status are taken from the Librarian Personnel Code and include language that the provisions would not be subject to standard contract bargaining and the process for modifying the language would be outlined in this article titled “removal of permanent status Librarians”. The Union’s proposal includes a twelve-month notice unless the terms of the financial emergency make that notice period not feasible. For Professional and Libraries Press employees and Librarians that do not hold permanent status, the Union proposed that once layoffs are determined, the administrative officer would meet with the Union to discuss the situation. The Union proposed that the proposed positions affected would need at least a 45-calendar day written notice. The Union proposed that the affected employees would receive a written summary of the effects of benefits such as maintaining health insurance.

Vacation Leave– In response to the Employer, the Union proposed in a package with the layoff, seniority and rehire article and would include the following vacation time off accrual for the Professional Libraries and Press employees. The accrual for Librarians would remain unchanged from current state of 26 days per year.


Length of Service Vacation Time Off Accrual Rate
Years Months Hours/Month Days/Hours Per Year
1st 0-12 13.34 20/160
2nd 13-24 14.00 21/168
3rd 25-36 14.67 22/176
4th 37-48 15.34 23/184
5th 49-60 16.00 24/192
6th 61-72 16.67 25/200
7th 73 & above 17.34 26/208


Employer Counter Proposals

Compensation, Wages, and Other Pay Provisions – In In response to the Union, the Employer proposed that the minimum annual salary for an Assistant Librarian would be $60,000, a Senior Assistant Librarian would be $66,000, an Associate Librarian would be $72,600, and a Librarian would be $79,860. The Employer proposed that the minimum annual salaries for Professional Libraries and Press job classifications, would increase by 7% as of July 1, 2023.  The Employer increased its proposal for a recruitment and retention increase for all bargaining unit employees on February 1, if an agreement is reached by January 31, from 3 to 4%.  This is in addition to the previously proposed across-the-board increases of 3% on July 1, 2023, 2% on January 1, 2024, and 2% on January 1, 2025.

Ranking and Promotions of UW Libraries Librarians – In response to the Union, the Employer accepted the Union’s proposed change that Assistant Librarians, Senior Assistant Librarians, and Associate Librarians, apply for promotion no later than September 1. The Employer also accepted the Union’s changes regarding providing documentation to the candidate seven days prior to the submission to the Librarian Personnel Committee. The committee would provide a representative-based oversight on implementation of the promotion process and four members would constitute a quorum and members would be elected every two years. The Employer continues to propose that one representative would be from outside the bargaining unit.

Performance Evaluation – In response to the Union, the Employer clarified that there are two exceptions to performance evaluations being performed annually. The Employer proposed that when a Librarian is not scheduled for a written evaluation that they or their supervisor could request an evaluation and the years that it is not required, they would meet to discuss previous years’ accomplishments and future goals.

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for January 17 and will be held virtually.