Labor Relations

UW & UAW Postdocs Negotiations Recap for November 18, November 21, and November 28, 2022


This recap details the third, fourth, and fifth session for the negotiation for the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW Postdocs. The November 28, 2022 session was, in part, a joint session between both Postdocs and RSE Union members. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

The parties tentatively agreed to the following: 

Article 9- Health Care Benefits Amounts

  • This article details health care. The parties incorporated the 2023-2025 agreement reached at the state level Healthcare Coalition bargaining table earlier this year. New contract language was added around wellness. In the wellness program enrolled subscribers shall have the option to earn an annual $125 wellness incentive in the form of reduction in deductible or deposit into the Health Savings Account upon successful completion of required Smart Health Program activities.

Article 17- New Employee Orientation

  • This article details the new employee orientation. A new Section 17.3 was added was added permitting the Union to display a reasonable amount of information to the program when an employee has an on-line a self-paced orientation.

UAW Postdocs Initial Proposals

Article 16- Non-discrimination and Harassment

The Union proposed to add that the workplace is free from abusive conduct. They proposed definitions and examples of abusive conduct to the article. The Union proposed to jointly administer with the University, an equity survey focused on Postdoc specific concerns every year.

Article 19- Professional Development & Career Counseling

The Union proposed to add three additional FTE appointments/assignments that would provide additional assistance to Postdocs in their professional development. The Union proposed that University and the Union would jointly agree on who to hire in to these three new FTEs. Additionally, the proposal included some the duties of these FTE appointments with the remaining duties jointly determined and agreed to by the University and the Union at a later date.

Article 27- Transportation

The Union proposed to add contract language regarding services to help reduce emissions. The Union proposed that all Postdoctoral Scholars would have access to shower facilities in their work location, unless there were none, then the Postdoc would have access to a nearby building that had such facilities. Additionally, the University would reimburse Postdoctoral Scholars up to $360 dollars per year for the purchase, repair, improvement, and storage of bicycles and bicycle-related equipment.

New Article- Disability Accommodations

The Union proposed a new article regarding disability accommodations. The proposed process goes into greater detail regarding the disability process and accommodations, including an interactive process.

MOU – Immigration Status And Visas

The Union proposed to add contract language around H-1B and J-1 Visas. The Union proposed that the H-1B is a appropriate vis for Postdocs and that University would be required to pay the fees associated with visa’s such as the J-1 SEVIS I-901 fee, the OPT I-765 filing fee, and the Premium Processing Fee. Additionally, the Union proposed that the University would reimburse all travel costs associated with a Postdoc needing to travel to the nearest consulate with appointments available for visa interviews and stamp processing.

MOU – Postdoctoral Scholar Paid Direct

The Union proposed, for individuals receiving a majority of their stipend or salary directly from a non-University funding source, to increase the stipend they receive that is intended to cover healthcare related costs from $500 to $650 per month.

MOU –Empowering Prevention & Inclusive Communities (EPIC)

The Union proposed to add contract language that the University would strongly encourage all incoming Postdoctoral Scholars to attend EPIC training.

UW Counter Proposals

Article 32- Wages

The University proposed effective January 1, 2023 to raise the minimum salary for Postdoctoral Scholars to $65,508 for all six experience levels. This is up from a minimum of $53,760 for experience level 0 (0-11 months) to a minimum of $60,780 for experience level 5 (60-71 months). The University proposed at the time of a new appointment, reappointment, or anniversary date (whichever comes first) on or after January 1, 2023 to raise the minimum salary for Postdoctoral Scholars-Fellows to $65,508 if allowed by the funding source.

Next Steps

The next UW & UAW Postdocs bargaining session is scheduled for December 7, 2022 and will be held virtually.