Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for November 29, 2022


This recap details the thirty first virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. This is the fifth session with a PERC mediator. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Tentative Agreements

  • Article – Ranking, Status, Initial Appointments, Renewal of Appointments and Promotions for Gallagher Law Librarians
    • The parties agreed to language for rank and status of Gallagher Law Librarians which capture ABA standards and requirements.  In addition, the packet submission timeline has been moved up several months.  The Employer proposed to select and incorporate an external reviewer in the promotions process.  The Employer proposed that dual degree librarians at entry level will begin at senior assistant librarian to recognize the required professional degree.
  • MOU – Gallagher Law Teaching Positions
    • The parties agreed to language which would allow for Law Librarians in the Gallagher Law Library to be hired into positions that have a 50% FTE with the librarian bargaining unit positions and a 50% FTE to an instructional faculty appointment outside of the bargaining unit. The parties agreed that this type of position is not impactful for current Law Librarian positions unless they are hired into a new dual faculty appointment. These positions will follow CBA leave and time off provisions which will supersede any other applicable time off benefits with the faculty appointment.

Union Counter Proposals

Professional Leave – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed that the granting of professional leave would be supported by the Academic Freedom article which allows the employees to pursue leave opportunities for research, service or professional development. The Union proposed that upon recommendation by the appropriate Dean that under unusual circumstances, paid professional leave could be granted for eligible employees for the purpose of working towards an advanced degree. The Union proposed that the paid professional leave could be granted up to twelve months for Professional Libraries and Press Employees.

New MOU Time Grant Program – The Union proposed to expand the UW Libraries existing time grant program to all bargaining unit employees, which includes paid release time during regular work hours to pursue other goals of writing, research or other scholarly community centered activity that benefit the UW, the profession or a specific community and are developmental for the employee involved. The Union proposed that if there are two or more employees working on a joint project that they could apply for time grants as a group.

Professional Development – In response to the Employer, the Union reasserted their table for allocations of funding for biennial funding allocations for UW Librarians Librarian permanent, continuing, or retired re employed at $1,100 a year, provisional and non-continuing at $1,320 a year, temporary at $1,100 a year, Law Librarian at $2,200 a year, Professional regular at $1,100 a year and Professional temporary at $1,100 a year each year. The Union proposed that these allocations would not be subject to grievance and that if the funds are decreased, the Union would have the right to bargain. The Union proposed that funding for the UW Information School would be provided up to 12 credits total each quarter. The Union proposed that upon request, an employee’s  balance/use information would be. The Union proposed that upon request, the reason for denial of release time would be provided in writing and that repeated denials of release time for professional development would be appropriate or JLM meetings. The Union reasserted their proposal for a BIPOC mentoring and professional development fund created by the Employer for self-identified BIPOC workers for conferences and professional organization fees. The Union proposed direct pay vs. reimbursement for employee professional development opportunities and travel upon request.

Layoff Seniority Rehire – In response to the Employer, the Union continues to propose that before a reduction in workforce, the employer may consider other voluntary reductions, like  retirement, resignation, voluntary reduction in FTE job sharing, furlough or reassignment. The Union reasserted their proposed language that would allow for the reduction of workforce if there is a financial emergency or a program change or elimination for budgetary reasons and would include at least six months’ notice. The Union proposed that librarians with permanent appointments would be provided with no less than twelve months’ notice, unless terms of the financial emergency would not deem the length feasible. The Union proposed that the criteria and procedures should be identified for programmatic changes or if programs that are eliminated and employees are laid off. The Union proposed that the Employer would end temporary appointments prior to the impact of regular librarian positions and regular Professional and Libraries Press Employees. The Union proposed that for Professional Libraries and Press Employee positions the employee may consider specific skills, duties or responsibilities, employee specific skills, funding source and seniority when determining layoffs. The Union reasserted its language that placement from the rehire list would be based on the length of time on the rehire list.

Article Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Anti-Racism – In response to the Employer, the Union maintained its proposal to have the parties meet quarterly to discuss their DEI work and communicate the goals and work being developed to the Union in advance of each meeting

Employer Counter Proposals

Duties and Assignments – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed that job duties of Libraries and Press Professional employees may include, but would not be limited to only specific work, like professional development, committee appointment, etc. The Employer also proposed that overtime exempt employees with workload related issues could be approved for offsetting time by their supervisor.

Represented Limited Term Hourly Employees – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed language similar to that of the represented limited term hourly employees as the main SEIU 925 CBA. The Employer proposed that the holiday premium of time and a half would apply if the employee works on one of the listed holidays. The Employer proposed language to continue Family and Medical Leave, Domestic Violence Leave, Civil Duty Leave, Leave Without Pay for Reason of Faith or Conscience, and paid Military Leave if the employee is eligible.

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for December 6 and will be held virtually.