Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for November 10, 2022


This recap details the twenty-eighth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. This is the second session with a PERC mediator. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Union Counter Proposals

Compensation, Wages, and Other Pay Provisions – In response to the Employer, the Union maintained its proposal for a salary increase for Librarians of 5% for the renewal of an appointment. The Union proposed that all employees would receive a lump sum payment equal to 12% of their pre-CBA base salary within 120 days of agreement. The Union proposed an across-the-board increase of 7% effective March 1, 2023 (if ratified by December 31, 2022), a 7% increase effective January 1, 2024 and a 7% increase effective January 1, 2025. The Union modified its proposal to increase the minimum salary for all job classes, by slight decreasing amounts across ranks and job classes from their previous proposal.

The Union proposed that that if duties for a TPI/TPS or ADS becomes permanent, then the work would be discussed with the employee and adjusted. The Union proposed that the TPI/TPS or ADS could be initiated by either the Employer or the Employee and requests would be resolved within 30 days and a denial would be provided in writing. The Union proposed that professional libraries and press employee promotions or reclassifications to a higher market range would receive at least a 10% increase. The Union proposed employees hired into a head or director position would receive a minimum salary plus 5% at the head level or 10% at the director level. The Union proposed that external candidates could be hired above base if there are verifiable documentation of experience and adjustments would be made to salaries to eliminate compression or inversion. The Union reasserted much of its original proposal regarding pay for teaching.

Appointments– In response to the Employer, the Union maintained its proposed language stating that permanent appointments should be granted for the remainder of the of their professional careers. The Union proposed that for temporary and interim appointments, there would be a discussion of long term goals for the position, strategies for funding and anticipated timelines for when any decision would be made about the position.

Classification, Reclassification, and Promotion of Professional Libraries and Press Employees –  The Union proposed to have the ability to appeal the Employer’s decision regarding the revision or creation of new job classifications through a Classification Review Hearing Officer within 30 days of the date of the meeting. The Union proposed if a position is reallocated that it could be moved into an existing classification or a new classification.

Probation of Professional Libraries and Press Employees – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed that supervisors would provide timely feedback which could include a written performance expectation if a rejection during probation may be possible. The Union proposed that the probationary employees would be eligible for layoff and rehire rights.

Promotions and Transfers of Professional Libraries and Press Employees – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed to define promotion via a position review which would include a move into a higher classification without the competitive application process and would be outlined in the Classification and Reclassification of Professional Libraries and Press Employees article. The Union proposed that there would be consideration for organizational equity goals when filling vacancies. The Union proposed three situations for a non-grievable review through HR which includes a determination of not possessing the essential skills, applicants who possess the skills and not offered an interview and those interviewed and not offered the position.

Employer Counter Proposals

MOU Law Teaching Positions – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed that current Law Librarians would not be impacted unless they applied and were hired into a 50% FTE bargaining unit position and 50% FTE for the instructional faculty appointment. The Employer proposed that the leave and time off provisions of the CBA would apply to these positions.

Ranking and Promotions of UW Libraries Librarians – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed to retain much of the existing promotions process, while making it specific to bargaining unit employees and removing references to the Librarian Personnel Code. In addition, the Employer clarified expectations for ranks, proposed an earlier timeline for packet submission, proposed to remove internal letters, and proposing a change in the Librarian Personnel Committee composition to include a Dean’s appointee instead of a member at large, with the purpose being to include perspective from a participant outside of the bargaining unit.

Ranking and Promotions of Law Libraries – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed, when possible, streamlining the law and libraries Librarian promotions processes.  For law specifically, there were some changes made to capture ABA standards and requirements.  In addition, the packet submission timeline has been moved up several months.  The Employer proposed to select and incorporate an external reviewer in the promotions process.  The Employer proposed that dual degree librarians at entry level will begin at senior assistant librarian to recognize the required professional degree

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for November 15 and will be held virtually.