Labor Relations

UW & UAW Postdocs Negotiations Recap for November 7, 2022


This recap details the second session for the negotiation for the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW Postdocs. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

UAW Postdocs Initial Proposals 

Article 4- Appointments and Reappointments

The Union proposed that the initial appointment of a Postdoctoral Scholar or Postdoctoral Scholar Fellow would increase to a minimum of two years up from the current contract language of one year. The Union proposed to increase the minimum notice time that the University would provide a Postdoctoral Scholar of reappointment to 60 days up from 30 days. 

Article 5- Childcare

The Union proposed to increase the University’s Postdoctoral Scholar childcare fund, that assists in childcare expenses, to $150,000 per year up from current allowance of $45,000 per year. The Union proposed that effective February 1, 2024, the childcare fund would increase from their proposal of $150,00 for 2023  to $175,000 per year thereafter. 

Article 9- Health Care Benefits Amounts

The Union’s initial proposal is to incorporate the agreement reached at the state level healthcare Coalition bargaining. 

Article 12- Intellectual Property and Academic Rights

The Union proposed to add Executive Order No. 61, Research Misconduct Policy, into the article in its entirety. 

Article 17- Orientation

The Union proposed that the Employer would require new employees with a primary work location on the Seattle main campus to attend orientation. The Union proposed that If the University conducts a self-paced orientation on-line, the Union will be permitted to display a reasonable amount of information as part of the program. Also, the Union proposed additional language stating that the employer would notify Postdocs of a Union orientation if they do not attend Welcome Day. 

Article 24- Time Off and Leaves

The Union proposed to add miscarriage and stillbirth under the definition of what events qualify for bereavement time off. The Union proposed to add that an employee would get up to two additional days of bereavement time off if significant travel is required to attend a funeral or memorial service. The Union proposed to add that any Postdoctoral Scholar who has been employed for at least six continuous months, who either resigns or retires, is laid-off or is terminated by the University would be entitled to accrued vacation time off and sick time off pay out. Additionally, the Union proposed that employees who are taking PFML and have exhausted their paid time off balances, the employer would provide additional paid time to supplement the first six weeks of their PFML leave of absence. Finally, the Union proposed to add definitions for Civil Duty Time Off, Military Leave, and Leave Related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking. 

Article 25- Titles and Classifications

The Union proposed to increase the limit on the maximum total time spent as a Postdoctoral Scholar, from current contract language of five years to six years, to include postdoctoral experience(s) at other institutions. 

Article 32- Wages

The Union proposed to change the pay table from:

Postdoctoral experience level Minimum annual full-time salary equivalent
0 (0 – 11 months) $ 53,760
1 (12 – 23 months) $ 54,144
2 (24-35 months) $ 54,540
3 (36- 47 months) $ 56,712
4 (48 – 59 months) $ 58,608
5 (60-71 months) $ 60,780


To a new pay table:

Postdoctoral experience level Minimum annual full-time salary equivalent
0 (0-11 months) $72,000
1 (12-23 months) $74,880
2 (24-35 months) $77,875
3 (36-47 months) $80,990
4 (48-59 months) $84,230
5 (60-71 months) $87,599


The Union also proposed that the new pay table would be increased by 8% annually. Additionally, the Union proposed that Postdocs who have salary above the experience level minimum, will receive a 4% increase on their anniversary date.

New Article- Housing

The Union proposed that the University would make available affordable UW Housing for all Postdocs and the rent would not exceed 30% of an individual’s salary. The Union also proposed if there are not enough available units in UW Housing the University would provide subsidy amounting to the difference between the rent and 30% of the salary.

Next Steps

The next UW & UAW Postdocs bargaining session is scheduled for November 18, 2022 and will be held virtually.