Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for October 4, 2022


This recap details the twenty-sixth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Tentative Agreements

  • Article – Transportation, Travel & Commute Reduction
    • The parties agreed to similar language found in the main SEIU 925 contract with additions to include a section on the fully subsidized U-PASS. The parties agreed that if an Employer denies an employee’s request for a flexible schedule to assist in commute reduction, upon request, the Employer would provide a reason for denial in writing. The denial of a flexible schedule request is not subject to the grievance procedure.

Employer Counter Proposal

Duties and Assignments – In response to the Union, the Employer clarified its proposal for annual workload percentages for core duties (80%) and research and service (20%) to apply only to librarians, not professional libraries and press employees. The Employer proposed language stating that employees should initiate discussions with their supervisors regarding workload issues and that supervisors would work with employees to provide support by assisting in setting priorities and adjusting workload, when possible.

Union Counter Proposals

Hiring – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed language stating that the Employer would require implicit bias and diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism trainings for all hiring search committee members before searches commence.

Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations– In response to the Employer, the Union proposed language stating that Employees performing essential services that cannot safely report to the worksite may telework if approved by the manager, and any denial would be in writing.  The Union proposed language for Employees who perform essential services who cannot telework regarding types of leave available. The Union proposed language stating that the Employer would make adjustments to the Employee’s work schedules and/or duties to accommodate employees responsible for caregiving during regular work hours.

Represented Limited Term Hourly Employees – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed to include a list of other articles in the CBA applicable to this employee type.  The Union proposed that the Employer would provide notification to the Union upon extension of a position, and state the duration. The Union proposed that if an employee moves from an hourly to permanent position in the same job through an open recruitment, all hours of service would apply toward their probationary period.

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for October 20 and will be held virtually.