Labor Relations

UW & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for August 30 & 31, 2022


This recap details the fifth and sixth virtual sessions for the 2023-2025 collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 925. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.


During the August 31 session, representatives from UW Medicine and the Office of Planning and Budgeting gave financial presentations to the Union, providing them with a detailed overview of the University’s finances on both the medicine and campus sides.

Tentative Agreements

  • Article 3 – Reasonable Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities
    • The parties agreed to the addition of a link for reference to the Disability Services Office as well as adding a reference to the Administrative Policy Statement for reasonable accommodation of employees with disabilities.
  • Article 7 – Employee Rights
    • The parties agreed to add a reference to the Administrative Policy Statement for professional or classified staff employees for outside consulting activities and part time employment.
  • Article 15 – Inter-System Movement
    • The parties agreed to remove language relating to the use of vacation time during an employee’s probationary period, and clarified language regarding months of service toward a higher vacation accrual and time spent in classified service.
  • Article 17 – Vacation
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 19 – Washington Family Medical Leave Program
    • The parties agreed to additional language which would include bereavement time off when an employee is qualified for PFML family leave.
  • Article 21 – Federal Family Medical Leave Act and Parental Leave
    • The parties agreed to add language expanding the definition for parental leave from four to six months and stating that for birth parents, temporary disability leave is in addition to parental leave.
  • Article 24 – Unpaid Holidays for a Reason of Faith or Conscience
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 25 – Leave Due to Child Care Emergencies
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 30 – Work Related Injury Leave
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 44 – Classification and Reclassification
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 50 – No Strike/Lockout
    • The parties agreed to minor housekeeping edits in this article.
  • Article 58 – Duration 
    • The parties agreed to update the language to reflect the effective dates of the successor agreement to range between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2025.

Employer Initial Proposals

The Employer proposed to carry over most of the content from the current SEIU 925 CBA memoranda of understanding and side letters listed below with some minor edits:

  • MOU – Football Game Overtime
  • MOU – Interpretive Services
  • MOU – Leave and Absence SEIU 925 Officer
  • MOU – Occupational Therapist Certification
  • MOU – Public Records Requests
  • MOU – Salary Overpayment
  • MOU – Scholarship Fund
  • MOU – Standby Guidelines
  • MOU – Surgical Techs
  • MOU – Transportation Services Video/Audio
  • MOU – Voluntary Float Between Campuses
  • Side Letter A – City of Seattle Minimum Wage
  • Side Letter B – Contact Center
  • Side Letter C – Diversity and Inclusion
  • Side Letter D – Legislative Briefings
  • Side Letter E – Public Transportation
  • Side Letter F – Regular Temporary Harborview Medical Center Interpreters
  • Side Letter G – Representation
  • Side Letter H – Tracking Discrimination and Bias
  • Side Letter I – U-PASS

The Employer proposed to strike the current SEIU 925 CBA memoranda of understanding listed below based on implementation dates which have passed or general inapplicability:

  • MOU – Anesthesiology Tech R&R
  • MOU – Cardiac Sonographer R&R
  • MOU – Clinical Laboratory R&R
  • MOU – Dental Laboratory Tech R&R
  • MOU – Diagnostic Medical Sonographer R&R
  • MOU – Imaging Tech R&R
  • MOU – Medical Assistant R&R
  • MOU – Medical Interpreters R&R
  • MOU – Patient Services Specialist Supervisor R&R
  • MOU – Peer Counselor R&R
  • MOU – Pharmacy Tech R&R
  • MOU – Polysomnographic Tech R&R
  • MOU – Respiratory R&R
  • MOU – Surgical Tech R&R
  • MOU – Vascular Sonographer R&R
  • MOU – Former Administration Assistant B
  • MOU – Lump Sum Payment
  • MOU – Occupational Therapists
  • MOU – Occupational Therapists Job Classification
  • MOU – Montlake Campus Security Officer & Sergeants
  • MOU – Economic Discussion
  • MOU – Respiratory Tech Premium
  • MOU – Expedited Arbitration Pilot
  • MOU – Facilitated Mediation
  • MOU – Voluntary Standby Pool

Advanced Certification Registration Pay –The Employer proposed to reorganize the advanced certification/registration pay table and include all classifications currently receiving certification premiums.

Health Care Benefits Amounts –The Employer proposed to carry the article from the previous contract with a placeholder for the super coalition agreement which is currently being bargained.

Hours of Work –The Employer proposed to update the definition of a temporary change in work schedule and shift assignment from one week to ninety days. To align with the nurses at UWMC-ML, the Employer also proposed to create a rest between shifts premium for the Health Care Professional/Laboratory Technical bargaining unit, which would result in an employee being compensated at time and a half if the employee does not receive at least eleven hours off duty between shifts.

Affirmative Action –The Employer proposed to update language relating to the University’s affirmative action program, and add language stating that no decisions would be made regarding employment based on membership in any protected class.

Joint Union Management Committees – In response to the Union’s proposal for automatic JLM’s in certain staffing situations, the Employer proposed language stating that when there are numerous staffing JLM’s scheduled for similar positions, either party could propose to combine meetings.

Performance Evaluation –The Employer proposed language clarifying that upon appointment to a position, a copy of the job duties would be provided, and the employee would have electronic access to a copy of the class specifications for the position.

Corrective Action/Dismissal –The Employer proposed to remove language stating that final counselings may include a paid day off for decision making away from the worksite.

Overtime –The Employer proposed to redefine the calculation of overtime to include paid holiday hours, but that all other time paid for but not worked would not count towards the calculation of overtime. For Public Safety Officers, the Employer proposed that employees currently on shift or scheduled for the following shift would be asked to volunteer before assigning mandatory overtime. Finally, the Employer proposed language clarifying that Appendix III details job classifications that are FLSA exempt or non-exempt and struck language relating to Appendix I. The Employer also proposed to carry over language from the Dietitians bargaining relating to the Dietitians being FLSA exempt.

Appendices I & III –The Employer proposed to reformat these appendices and update them to accurately reflect all current job classifications (Appendix I) and those which are FLSA exempt (Appendix III).

New MOU Pre-Scheduled Voluntary Double-Time Shift Incentive –The Employer proposed to replace the lump sum incentive shift MOU with an MOU for Pre-Scheduled Voluntary Double-Time, which would apply to all classifications at Harborview, UWMC-Montlake, and UWMC-Northwest, and would be effective October 1, 2022. The MOU states that shifts designated by management as critical staffing would be compensated at two times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked.  Nonpermanent and Intermittent employees would not be eligible for these shifts until they have scheduled and worked up to 40 hours in the week.

New MOU Market Based Increases –The Employer presented a table reflecting all of the market-based increases that were proposed on August 11, depicting the current and new tables and ranges which would be effective July 1, 2023.

Employer Counter Proposals

Hiring, Appointment, Promotions and Transfers – In response to the Union’s proposal around staffing, the Employer proposed language stating that departments are encouraged to be transparent and share information with staff about hiring processes and vacant positions.

Transportation and Commute Reduction – In response to the Union’s proposal around telework, the Employer proposed that telework and flexible scheduling would be encouraged by the University and that telework would be incorporated into the continuity of operational plans for each unit. The Employer accepted the Union’s proposed language that if telework requests are denied, the Employer would provide a reason for denial in writing. The Employer proposed that new telework agreements could be proposed every six months, and that the necessary equipment for telework would be provided in accordance with University policy. Finally, the Employer proposed striking language relating to the termination of telework agreements, stating that the University policy would apply.

Seniority, Layoff and Rehire – In response to the Union’s proposal around employment options, the Employer proposed additional employment options during a layoff which would include an evaluation of FTE, stating that an employee may be eligible for a funded vacant position within the same job classification and layoff unit within .2 FTE, and that an employee could replace the most junior employee within .2 FTE within the layoff/seniority unit.

Union Counter Proposals

Shared Leave –The Union proposed additional language around temporary disability due to a pregnancy-related medical condition, stating that this would also apply to employees who are assisting a relative or household member who is sick or temporarily disabled due to a pregnancy-related medical condition.

Employee Facilities/MOU – The Union presented a package proposal accepting the Employer’s language relating to wellness rooms, so long as the Employer agreed to an MOU requiring that UW update the HR website to document the location, amenities, and guidelines around existing wellness rooms.

Civil/Jury Duty Leave and Bereavement Leave –The Union proposed to retain the term “Jury” in the title of this article.

Leave Related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking – The Union proposed language listing the potential safety accommodations in situations relating to leaves associated with domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

New Employees –The Union rejected the Employer’s proposal around virtual orientation and proposed language which would offer hybrid or virtual new employee orientation for fully remote employees, shift workers, employees out-of-state, or other categories mutually agreed upon.

Next Steps

The next UW and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for September 7 and will be held virtually.