Labor Relations

UW – SAG-AFTRA Negotiations Recap for June 16


This recap details the fifth sessions for the negotiation of the second collective bargaining agreement between the University of Washington (UW) and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) for KUOW. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

The parties verbally tentatively agreed to the following:

Article 3 – Non-Discrimination

  • Modified language listing classes protected from discrimination to add creed and citizenship, to align with Executive Order 31
  • Added language regarding how employees who feel they have been the subject of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation may handle their complaints, from addressing the complaint at the local level to more formal options, such as filing with the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO) or filing complaints with appropriate federal or state agencies or through the grievance process
  • Added language stating that in cases where an employee files both a grievance and an internal complaint regarding the alleged discrimination, harassment or retaliation the union grievance will be suspended until the internal complaint process has been completed
  • Added language stating that retaliation against any individual who reports concerns regarding discrimination or harassment would be prohibited

Article 13 – Definition of Full-Time and Part-Time Employee

  • Clarified definition of full-time to be an employee who is scheduled to work 40 hours per work week, rather than an employee who works up to 40 hours per work week

Article 15 – Fellowship

  • Added language stating that the Fellow will not be used to cover for any long-term absence, illness, or time off and that the fellowship will not last for longer than 12 months
  • Add language stating the Employer will provide the name of new fellow(s) within 10 days of hire

Article 16 – Bona Fide Independent Contractors

  • Added language stating that when notice cannot be provided at least 30 calendar days prior to the start of independently contracted out work, the Employer will provide notice no later than 15 calendar days after the start of work

Article 34 – Probationary Period

  • Housekeeping edits only

MOU – Seattle Locality Premium

  • Modified language to state that in the event that the UW agrees to accept monies funded by the state to provide a Seattle locality premium for represented employees, then the Union may demand to bargain such a premium

UW Counter Proposals

Article 20 – Leaves and Time Offs

The Employer accepted the Union’s proposal to change the definition of parental leave from four months to six months of leave taken after the birth of a child to the employee, spouse, or domestic partner, or because of the placement of the child with the employee or domestic partner through adoption or foster care. The Employer’s proposal clarifies that the six months includes time covered by FMLA.  The Employer maintained the remainder of its initial proposal.

Article 36 – Cell Phone Policy

In response to the Union, the Employer proposed language stating that phone replacement would be determined by the Employer, and employees could provide input on specifications. The Employer also proposed to clarify that the operations department is responsible for providing cell phones at KUOW.

New Article – Salary Overpayment Recovery

The Employer accepted the Union’s proposal that check would be an option for current employees to repay overpayments. In response to the Union’s proposal, the Employer agreed to enshrine current UW policy in the contract by adding language stating that employees who have separated from the University or are on long-term leave must repay the University by check, which requires the ISC Payroll team to calculate the total amount owned. An overpayment would not be considered paid in full unless it is for the amount that has been calculated by the ISC.

New Article – Sick Time Off

The Employer proposed to accept the Union’s proposal that Sick Time Off would be allowed an employee during a furlough for benefits maintenance only if an employee has previously exhausted all other paid time off balances.  The Employer maintained the remainder of its initial proposal.

Next Steps

The next UW and SAG-AFTRA bargaining session is scheduled for June 22.