Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for May 17, 2022


This recap details the sixteenth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Tentative Agreements:

  • Article – Leave Related to Domestic Violence Sexual Assault or Stalking
    • The parties agreed to language based off of SEIU 925 which includes that employees may take leave as paid, unpaid or a combination if they are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking or to assist a family member who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. The language includes family member defined using the current policies and laws. The Employer will inform employees of the right annually. The language includes reasonable safety accommodation options to be determined by the employer and will be informed by the needs of the employee.
  • Article – Workplace Behavior
    • The parties agreed to language based on SEIU 925 with included language on appropriate behavior and that the values of equity and diversity should inform all conversations, decisions, and outcomes. The parties agreed to language surrounding bullying as an unwelcome conduct that is severe, persistent, and pervasive and is intimating, hostile or offensive and interfering with work performance.

Union Counter Proposals

Affirmative Action – In response to the Employer’s last proposal, the Union accepted much of the language from the Employer’s counter, however, maintains their proposed language that a union member elected or selected would be part of any committees or groups making policies on affirmative action.

Civil Jury Duty Leave and Bereavement Leave – The Union’s counter accepts much of the employer’s proposed language. The Union has updated its proposal to expand the family member definition which would include the employee’s spouse or domestic partner in addition to an employee’s chosen family or kinship groups by choice. The language proposed also includes Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave per the associated RCW and supplemental benefits would include bereavement time according to the most recent changes in the law.

Sick Time Off – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed language that would expand the definition of a family member to people comprising the Employee’s chosen family, or the kinship groups created by choice.

Tuition Exemption Program – In response to the Employer, the Union proposed language if release time to attend a class is denied, upon request the explanation would be provided in writing by the Employer as to how the operational needs would prevent the flextime requested.

Employer Counter Proposals

Personnel Files – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed language to address that personnel files for this bargaining unit are held in different offices. Official personnel files and departmental files would be able to be accessed, upon request, so long as they are not non-disclosable files based on state and federal laws. The proposed language includes all retained or removed information would be subject the records retention policies.

Miscellaneous Leave – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed to include Bereavement and Parental Leave articles for unpaid time off as they are covered by their own individual articles. The Employer proposed language that would consider individual circumstances when determining a return to work, when there is a cancellation of unpaid time off, when possible.

Parental Leave – In response to the Union, the Employer accepted much the Union’s initial proposal with the exception of including discretionary time off as a paid time off employees are eligible to use when on parental leave.

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for June 9 and will be held virtually.