Labor Relations

UW Libraries & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for March 29, 2022


This recap details the twelfth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW Libraries and SEIU 925. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website. The parties agreed to ground rules for these negotiations.

Union Initial Proposals

Contract Distribution – The Union proposed distributing contract information electronically and paper copies as needed in addition to the link to the new agreement for all current and new employees.

Discretionary Leave – The Union proposed up to six (6) calendar days of discretionary time per calendar year. The proposal also included information on how discretionary time off could be used and the approval and record keeping process.

Reassignment, Furlough, Layoff and Rehire – The Union’s initial proposal incorporated language from both SEIU 925 and IHME CBAs as well as introduced new language. This proposal prescribed the process and analysis the employer must do before it can implement layoffs, including that layoffs can only occur upon the declaration of a financial emergency and after bargaining the impacts with the Union. The proposal included language addressing voluntary staffing reductions to include voluntary retirement, voluntary reductions in FTE or a collaborative job-sharing proposal and lastly voluntary resignation with severance. The Union proposed a process for reassignments should a department close or there is a reduction of services or funding. The Union proposed that notification of at least 6 months would be provided for any financial emergency layoff or reassignment or at least a year for reassignments due to department closure, reduction in services or changes in funding lines. The Union proposed a trial period for reassignment or the possibility of temporary assignment as additional options. Additionally, the proposal included language stating that no new hires would be considered during a reduction or elimination. Similar to layoffs, the Union proposed that any furlough or involuntary reductions in FTE would be subject to impact bargaining. The proposal included language that Union representatives would be given the opportunity to review all contemplated cases before the effective date. The Union proposed lay off order based on seniority with employees failing into different seniority categories. The Union proposed that there would be a rehire list that an employee could be on for twenty-four (24) months, a three month rehire trial period and removal of rehire list if an employee should meet certain circumstances, such as no placement occurring in twenty-four (24) months, accepts or rejects two offers, or an employee notifies the UW that they would like to be removed from the list. Finally, the Union’s proposal included severance payments to any employee laid off, with the baseline of six (6) months of pay and an additional week of pay for each completed year of service.

Union Membership, Dues Deduction and Status Reports – The Union’s initial proposal is based off of SEIU 925 and detailed information included on rosters provided to the Union each pay period. The proposal also included the dues deduction procedures, remittance of dues and employee revocation of dues on their payroll deductions.

Vacation Time Off – The Union’s initial proposal is based on Librarian leave policies and expanded the current Librarian leave accrual of 26 days per year to all employees covered by this agreement. The Union proposed language regarding scheduling and the process for changing or creating department procedures regarding vacation time off scheduling. The Union also provided language that employees would be encouraged to keep their balances below 288 hours but would have no cap. Finally, the proposal addressed vacation time off payout.

Expediting Disability Accommodation Requests – The Union proposed an MOU to provide an expedited disability accommodations for employees seeking a disability accommodation.  The expedited process as proposed would allow documentation from a medical provider as evidence to establish the existence of the qualifying disability instead of providing the Health Care Provider Statement form, which is what the current process requires.

Employer Initial Proposals

Duration – The Employer proposed a placeholder duration article until the dates are firmed up for the collective bargaining agreement.

Union Counter Proposals

Miscellaneous Leave –the Union proposed in their counter to remove formal collective bargaining as a reason for unpaid time off. They also added bereavement as a reason that unpaid time off could be used. Additionally, the proposal included a notice period for employees to respond to an employer initiated cancellation of unpaid time off. The Union also added that if an unpaid time off request is denied, the employer must provide the employee the reason for denial.

Shared Leave –the Union’s counter proposal added that the Employer will inform employees annually of the shared leave program so that members are aware of their options.

Employer Counter Proposals

Affirmative Action – In response to the Union, the Employer proposed to maintain language proposed during the December 16th session, which was updated from SEIU 925 and IHME language to align with the current practice.

Grievance Procedure – In response to the Union, the Employer’s counter proposal included other modalities to meet and language that the modality is upon mutual agreement. The Employer agreed to include the language regarding moving to the next level of the grievance process when the grievance is directed at the supervisor.

Military Leave – In response to the Union, the Employer agreed to include language regarding UWHR and OAP processes and the link to the website for library staff and Librarians.

Next Steps

The next UW Libraries and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for April 14 and will be held virtually.