Labor Relations

SEIU 1199 – UWMC – Northwest Negotiations Recap for June 8


This recap details the fifth virtual session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the UW Medical Center – Northwest (UWMC-NW) and Service Employees International (SEIU) 1199NW. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

SEIU 1199 Initial Proposals

Pay Increases – The union proposed the following increases to the pay tables of the following job profiles:

  • Cardiac EP Techs: 13%
  • Cardiac Peripheral Techs: 13%
  • EEG END Tech: 17%
  • EKG Tech In-House Certified: 5%
  • Radiology Tech Assistant: 5%
  • Instrument Tech Series: 7%
  • Lab Assistant and Lab Assistant Lead: 3%
  • Lab Assistant Tech: 6%
  • Materials Handling Aide positions: 11%
  • Monitor Tech: 7%
  • Certified Nursing Assistant: 11%
  • Float Certified Nursing Assistant: 11%
  • Medical Assistant – Certified: 15%
  • Medical Assistant – Regular: 15%
  • OR/ED Assistant: 6%
  • Diet Clerk: 5%
  • Diet Technician: 10%
  • Child Care Teacher positions: 5%
  • Pharmacists: 12% increase
  • Admitting Rep positions: 5%
  • Case Management Assistant: 10%
  • Medical Records Clerk: 4%
  • Department Assistant II: 8%
  • OR Secretary: 5%
  • Float Unit Secretary: 8%
  • Scheduler Series: 12%
  • Facility and Property Coordinator: 3%
  • Culinary Associate: 10%
  • Food Service positions: 10%
  • Electrician Lead: 7%
  • Groundskeeper positions: 5%
  • Housekeeper positions: 13%
  • Maintenance Engineer positions (except senior): 3%
  • Senior Maintenance Engineer: 4%
  • Parking Control Attendant: 3%
  • Retail Associate: Gift Shop: 2% 

Joint Labor Management (JLM) Committee – The Union proposed to increase the number of representatives from both the union and management at Clinic JLMs from four representatives each to seven. The Union also proposed that members of the JLM committees would be allowed to meet on paid time 30 minutes before and after the scheduled meeting.

UW Initial Proposals

Holiday – The Employer proposed to add Juneteenth as an additional paid holiday. The Employer also proposed that to be paid for a holiday not worked, employees would have to be be in pay status for at least four hours on the last scheduled work shift preceding the holiday.

Seniority – The Employer proposed that leave without pay would be included in computing seniority.

Union dues – The Employer proposed a web-based system through which the Union would submit dues authorization, thereby eliminating manual entry.

Grievance Procedure – The Employer proposed language that would align the grievance procedure more closely with other grievance procedures at the UW, as grievances were not addressed on integration. The new language includes what written grievances would include and how and when they can be filed, withdrawn, consolidated, or resolved by alternate methods. Under this proposal, Labor Relations would become involved during Step Two, as opposed to Step Three, and that the parties may request Mediation at Step Three.  The new language outlines the authority of the arbitrator, how arbitration would be paid, and timelines for arbitration.

Medical and Insurance Benefits – The Employer proposed to incorporate the agreement reached at the state level healthcare Coalition bargaining. The new language states that if changes to the long-term disability benefit structure occur during the life of the agreement, the Employer recognizes its obligation to bargain with the Coalition over impacts of those changes within the scope of bargaining. Additional new language states that eligible employees will be provided information regarding the benefit and use of the FSA funds at new employee orientation, during open enrollment periods, and at the beginning of each plan year.

The Employer also proposed housekeeping edits on the following articles:

  • Article 1 – Recognition
  • Article 11 – Vacation
  • Article 14 – Leaves

Next Steps

The next UWMC-NW and SEIU 1199NW bargaining session is scheduled for June 16 and will be held virtually.