Labor Relations

UW IHME & SEIU 925 Negotiations Recap for April 30, 2020


This recap details the fourth virtual session for the initial collective bargaining agreement between the UW IHME and SEIU 925. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

The parties tentatively agreed to retain existing contract language from the current SEIU 925 CBA in the following unopened articles:

  • Article 2 – Non Discrimination
  • Article 3 – Definitions
  • Article 27 – Leave Related to Domestic Violence
  • Article 29– Military Leave
  • Article 30 – Work Related Injury Leave
  • Article 35 –Personnel Files
  • Article 54 – Subordination of Agreement

Union Initial Proposals

Public Health Operations – The Union proposed that employees could telework in the event of altered operations per a public health official for a health related issue. The Employer would accommodate employees whose ability to perform their work duties was hindered by the situation (e.g. childcare).

COVID-19/Pandemics – The Union proposed that no employee would be expected to return to the physical worksite or engage in work-related travel until a vaccine for COVID-19 is freely available. This provision would extend to other potential pandemics. Upon return to the physical worksite, employees would be provided with personal protective equipment and antibody testing.

Wellness – The Union proposed that the Employer would provide a wellness room consistent with applicable law, for lactation and religious and spiritual practices. This would be in addition to private rooms designated for wellness breaks.

Telework – The Union proposed that all employees would be able to apply for regular and temporary telework arrangements. Employees would receive access to any equipment needed, including internet subsidies. Telework arrangements would require supervisory approval and could not be unreasonably denied.

Workspaces – The Union proposed that the sharing of workspaces would require mutual agreement by the affected employees. Additionally, the Union proposed that their workspaces would include private spaces for communications, and functional work equipment. The Union proposed that employees would have usage of IHME facilities after hours, so long as it would not interfere with IHME responsibilities.

Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations – The Union proposed that employees may telework when the Employer remains open but there is inclement weather, and when the University suspends operations. Additionally, the Union proposed that any essential employees required to report to work during suspended operations would receive free parking on campus.

Ergonomics – The Union proposed that there would be a variety of ergonomic equipment options available to employees, including personal ergonomic assessments and workstation adjustments upon employee request.

Affirmative Action – The Union proposed that the Employer would provide an annual promotion velocity report on all employees moving into, within, and out of the bargaining unit. The parties would meet at a minimum of once per year to discuss the data and any progress, recognition, and/or remedies.

Employer Proposals

Contracting – The Employer proposed language stating that it would not contract work that results in the layoff of bargaining unit employees without following the legal requirements outlined in RCW 41.06.142.

Union Dues – The Employer proposed to create and utilize a web-based dues reporting system, to streamline the current dues reporting process. The Employer would provide the Union with the necessary training and templates for dues entry.

Management Rights – The Employer proposed an article outlining the rights retained by management, such as determining the size of the agency’s work force and directing and supervising employees.

Compensation Concept – The Employer proposed a compensation concept that would be structured off of the current compensation model for these employees, including both grade and market minimums and maximums for each job classification.

Next Steps

The next UW IHME and SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for May 6 and will be held virtually.