Labor Relations

UW – UWHA Negotiations Recap for December 17, 2019


This recap details the eighteenth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UWHA. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreement

The parties signed a tentative agreement to close the following provision:

  • Article 10: Leave – Bereavement
    • Added language stating up to 2 additional days of bereavement leave may be granted if significant travel is required

Union Counter Proposals

Emergency/Safe Ride Home Program – The Union proposed an increase to the Employer’s proposed $500 fund for the resident emergency/safe ride home program to $10,000 per year. Under this proposal UWHA would accept claims, determine reimbursement eligibility and refund employees. UWHA would then request quarterly reimbursement from the Employer.

Bicycle Benefits – The Union proposed an alternate format to distribute bike funds as a stipend. Subsequently they increased the alternative transportation incentive fund from $50k to $58,139 to account for how stipends are taxed. The Union proposed that the Employer would provide an annual bicycle stipend of $172.50 for those who attest to biking to work under 80% of the time and $408.50 for those who bike over 80%. 

Committees – The Union proposed that both the GME Committee and Policy Subcommittee would include the UWHA president (or designee) as well as two other UWHA members and a minimum of an additional three peer-selected resident or fellow representatives. Additionally, the Union proposed language that in the event that a UWHA-appointed member is unable to attend a meeting (GMEC or other committee type), a substitute from the UWHA board could be designated.

Employer Counter Proposal

Childcare – The Employer maintained its proposal to make no changes to the existing Resident Childcare Fund at $50,000 per year, once again rejecting the Union’s proposal to increase the yearly fund to $506,160. Additionally, the Employer rejected the Union’s proposed addition of a childcare emergency fund of $50,371. The parties have no other outstanding items in the childcare article beyond the fund amounts.

Next Steps

The next UW and UWHA bargaining session is scheduled for December 30.