Labor Relations

UW – UWHA Negotiations Recap for November 4, 2019


This recap details the fourteenth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UWHA. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Union Counter Proposals

Salary/Stipend Schedule – The Union maintained its initial proposal from July 22 to increase all pay levels of the UW GME Stipend Schedule by approximately 10%, retroactive to July 1, 2019. The Union maintained that on July 1 of each subsequent year, UWHA would receive 4% across-the-board wage increases (approximately an 18% total increase in salary).

The Union maintained its proposal to add four new R-levels, 9-12, to the end of the pay schedule, which would increase incrementally each year (on pace with the other R-levels).

Home Call Stipend – The Union maintained its initial proposal from July 22 for an increase to the housing stipend from $1,150 (2019 rate) to $16,438.73 in the first year of the ratified agreement, and an increase of 5% per academic year thereafter. The Employer’s most recent proposal on October 15 was to increase the 2019 rate by $100.

Chief Resident Supplement – The Union maintained its initial proposal from July 22 for an increase to the Chief Resident Supplement from $150 to $500 per month. The Employer’s most recent proposal on October 15 was to increase the current supplement to $175 per month.

Employer Counter Proposals

Professional Development and Licensing – The Employer proposed to allow programs to decide whether to continue their existing professional development and licensing reimbursement practices or move to a stipend model where each resident would receive a one-time annual payment equal to the cost of a limited license and $350 in professional development funds (funds could not be rolled over). License rates would be adjusted to account for the variations in licensing fees for dentists, and residents outside of Washington.

UWHA Membership – In response to the Union’s proposal, the Employer proposed that the Union may write an introductory document for candidates on the GME website, that would be subject to Employer approval. The Employer would provide the document to programs, which may be included in initial interview packets.

Progression by Training Year – The Employer proposed to maintain current contract language that states residents will receive pay level progression for ACGME-required research training years, and for non-ACGME required research years in General Surgery, Otolaryngology and Urology. The Union has proposed to expand the pay level progression guarantee to all non-ACGME required research years. The Employer proposed to remove the tables in the CBA showing examples of acceptable variations to the rules, as some are outdated and confusing. Additionally, the Employer proposed to move this content to Article 23 Salary Stipend.

Grievance Procedure – The Employer maintained its proposal to include language stating that it is in the parties’ best interest to resolve disputes at the earliest opportunity and at the lowest level, and supervisors and employees are encouraged to engage in free and open discussions about disputes. The Employer maintained its interest in including language that says a grievance is resolved if the Employer provides the requested remedy or a mutually agreed-upon alternative, with the interest of harmonizing this language with other UW CBAs.

The Employer maintained its proposal to require that a grievance be filed within thirty days of the occurrence giving rise to the filing, or the date the grievant knew or could have reasonable known of the occurrence.

UW maintained its proposal to eliminate the existing Step 3 committee process in favor of mediation. Additionally, the Employer maintained its proposal to use a previously established permanent panel of six arbitrators, for grievances escalated to arbitration.

Next Steps

The next UW and UWHA bargaining session is scheduled for November 12.