Labor Relations

UW – SEIU 1199 Negotiations Recap for May 30, 2019


This recap details the ninth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 1199. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

UW Initial Economic Proposal

The Employer proposed an across-the-board wage increase of one percent (1%) on the first available pay period following ratification, and another one percent (1%) effective July 1, 2020.

Tentative Agreements

The parties tentatively agreed to the following:

  • New MOU: Salary Overpayment Recovery
    • Details the process for salary overpayment recovery in accordance with relevant state law
  • Article 25 – Leave Due to Family Care Emergency
    • Expanded child care emergencies to family care emergencies, by adding coverage for elder care emergencies

The parties tentatively agreed to retain current contract language in the following unopened articles:

  • Preamble
  • Article 1 – Purpose
  • Article 4 – Recognition/Employer
  • Article 5 – Affirmative Action
  • Article 8 – Employee Facilities
  • Article 12 – Scholarship Fund – Registered Nurses
  • Article 22 – Management Rights and Responsibilities
  • Article 23 – Performance of Duty
  • Article 31 – Health and Safety
  • Article 32 – Subordination of Agreement and Saving Clause
  • Article 33 – Complete Agreement
  • Article 35 – Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
  • Article 44 – Classifications and Reclassification
  • Article 46 – Privacy
  • Appendix IX: HCS New Hire Wages

The parties tentatively agreed to eliminate the following outdated MOUs:

  • END Technologist Market Increases
  • Healthcare Specialist Wage Increases
  • Imaging Technologist Supervisor Pay Range Increases
  • JLM Team Members & Union Delegate Training
  • JLM Workgroup Pertaining to Inpatient Social Work
  • Lump Sum Payment
  • New Salary Steps
  • Non-monetary Steps
  • Social Work Assistant 2 Wage Increases
  • Union Roster Reports Post Workday Implementation

The parties tentatively agreed to extend for the life of the successor agreement the following MOUs:

  • Harborview Nursing Scholarships
  • Respiratory Therapists Skills Training

SEIU 1199 Counter Proposals

Leave Due to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking The Union proposed to expand the definition   of “family member” to include siblings.
New Employee Orientation The Union maintained its proposal to meet with employees during new employee orientation in a private location without the Employer present.

Next Steps

The next UW-SEIU 1199 bargaining sessions are scheduled for June 4 and June 5.