Labor Relations

2019-2022 CBA Negotiations – Scheduling Efforts

The UW and the UWHA are required to negotiate dates and format of bargaining sessions.  The University’s practice is to open negotiations for existing contracts six (6) months in advance.  In fall 2018, the GME Office and Labor Relations opened discussions with the UWHA, in order to begin negotiations in January 2019.  During this period, we proposed several options in an effort to find a schedule that would be reasonable and achievable for all members of both negotiations teams.  Our proposals have included:

  1. All bargaining take place during the day;
  2. Bargaining sessions alternate between all day sessions and evening sessions;
  3. Bargaining sessions alternate between afternoon and evening sessions; and
  4. Preliminary bargaining sessions alternate between afternoons and evenings, followed by electronic negotiations.

The UWHA has not accepted any of these offers and has declined to meet before 5:30pm on any date.

In February, the University requested mediation via the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC).  We met with a mediator on April 22 and again on May 10, and are continuing those discussions in a good-faith effort to arrive at a negotiation schedule.  In the meanwhile, we continue to meet with our Negotiations Team and Advisory Board.