Labor Relations

UW – SAG-AFTRA Negotiations Recap for April 3, 2019

This recap details the April 3 session for the initial negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SAG-AFTRA. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Budget Presentation
UW presented information about KUOW’s budget, including how the projected fiscal year 2019 budget compares to 2018 budget and actuals. In discussing line items on the budget, UW explained differences between the budget and actuals, as well as assumptions about revenue that can and cannot be made while drafting a new budget. Unlike a commercial broadcast station, KUOW’s primary revenue source is individual giving, the amount of which is not reliable year to year.

UW also presented actuals for fiscal year 2019 through February, demonstrating that while the station has saved some money in expenses, it is down in revenue.

The parties signed tentative agreements to close the following provisions:

Benefits: This article states that the Employer agrees to provide any and all benefits as it does to non-bargaining unit employees.

Definition of Full-Time and Part-Time Employee: This article defines full-time employees as regular staff scheduled to work five days a week or up to forty (40) hours per week, and defines part-time employees as scheduled to work more than twenty (20) but less than forty (40) hours per week.

Leaves: This article states that the Employer agrees to provide both paid and unpaid leave as it does to non-bargaining unit employees, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.

Notification of New Hires: This article states that the Employer agrees to advise the Union of new employees, reclassifications, terminations, discharges, or resignations by means of a form provided by the Union.

Successors and Assigns: This article states that this Agreement shall be binding on all signatories, and their successors and assigns, as required by applicable law. It further provides that the Employer agrees to use its best efforts to have a successor assume this Agreement.

Work Week, Work Day, Meal Breaks, and Rest Breaks: This article defines the work week as Monday through Sunday and the work day as lasting eight hours. Length and timing of breaks are outlined.

Withdrawn Provisions

Mandatory Subject – UW agreed to withdraw its proposal that it would notify the Union before changing a matter that is a mandatory subject.


Length of Service – Proposed by SAG-AFTRA, this article details how length of service will be calculated for purposes of accruing benefits.

Next Steps
The next SAG-AFTRA bargaining session is scheduled for April 9 at KUOW.