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UW – SEIU 1199 Negotiations Recap for March 14, 2019

UW – SEIU 1199 Negotiations Recap for March 14, 2019


This recap details the 1st session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 1199. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

SEIU 1199 Priorities

SEIU 1199 stated priorities as follows:

  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Equity in the work place to address biases based on race, sexuality, gender identity, etc.
  • Parity across UW Medicine
  • Staffing that meets the needs of both employees and patients

SEIU 1199 Initial Proposals

New Employee Orientation – SEIU 1199 proposed that new employees who attend the orientation be paid for their time, and that the orientation would occur in a private location without the Employer present.

JLMs – SEIU 1199 proposed the addition of a clinic specific JLM made up of six bargaining unit representatives and union representation, to reflect the differences between hospitals and clinics.  The Union also proposed to add a JLM for registered dieticians that would include four bargaining unit representatives and Union representation, as RD’s were newly unionized.

SEIU 1199 proposed that the RN JLM meet monthly, rather than every other month.

Committees – SEIU 1199 proposed language to reflect that a change in the name of a committee would not affect membership of the committee.

Parking – SEIU 1199 proposed that if the Medical Center raises parking fees, the Union would be notified one month in advance and have the opportunity to bargain any fee changes.

Temporary Employees – SEIU 1199 proposed that the language regarding corrective action as stated in the existing SEIU 1199 contract be applicable to per diem employees.

Sexual Harassment Training – SEIU 1199 proposed that the Employer and Union would develop an annual in-person sexual harassment prevention and response training for all bargaining unit members to attend at least once per year on paid time.  The training would be facilitated by a third party.

Lactation – SEIU 1199 proposed that employees be provided a reasonable amount of break time to express milk in a space, other than a public bathroom, that is clean, shielded from view, and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public.  The Union proposed that a list of lactation stations would be established and made available online for employees to access.

Bathroom Equity – SEIU 1199 proposed that gender neutral bathrooms be available to employees in all work locations, and adequate access may include a reasonable amount of travel time. The Union proposed that the locations of gender neutral bathrooms would be publicized.

Non-Discrimination Grievances – SEIU 1199 proposed that grievances involving a violation of the non-discrimination article could be submitted within one year of the alleged occurrence.  The Union proposed that when a grievance or complaint is filed, the Employer would implement interim measures as determined appropriate by the grievant or complainant.

Next Steps

The next UW-SEIU 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for April 25.