Labor Relations

UW – WFSE Negotiations Recap September 10, 2018


This recap details portions of the eleventh session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WFSE, set to expire on June 30, 2019. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

The parties signed tentative agreements to close the following provisions:

  • Article 3 – Reasonable Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities
    • Added language in line with law change regarding pregnancy accommodations
    • Added language stating the Employer will attempt to find modified duty opportunities in lieu of and/or after disability leave; upon request, the Employer will provide the modified duty options that were considered and reasons for denial (in writing)
  • Article 7 – Employee Rights
    • Maintained current contract language with housekeeping edits
  • Article 12 – Licensure and Certification
    • Added language stating that individual departments may reimburse employees for maintenance and renewal costs
  • Article 13 – Tuition Exemption
    • Maintained current contract language with housekeeping edits
  • Article 18 – Sick Leave
    • Maintained current contract language with housekeeping edits
  • Article 20 – Miscellaneous Leave
    • Maintained current contract language
  • Article 21 – Federal Family Medical Leave Act and Parental Leave
    • Eliminated language capping the interspersal period of using leave for continued health benefits (was six months); new language states the interspersed paid leave will be applied to the first working day of the month
  • Article 26 – Civil/Jury Duty Leave and Bereavement Leave
    • Added holiday credit and personal holiday as allowable leave types for bereavement leave
    • Added language stating that employees assigned to work the night shift may utilize vacation time for all or a portion of the shift not covered by civil duty leave, and may request to change their schedule to accommodate civil duty leave
  • Article 27 – Leave related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking
    • Added language defining a reasonable safety accommodation
  • Article 30 – Work related Injury Leave
    • Added language stating the Employer will follow the relevant laws and policies related to the Worker’s Compensation Program and return-to-work program
  • Article 36 – Corrective Action/Dismissal
    • Maintained current contract language with housekeeping edits
  • Article 40 – Mandatory Subjects
    • Added language stating that a valid request to bargain must include at least three available dates and times to meet
  • Article 41 – New Employees
    • Incorporated language from the related MOU stating that the Employer will offer a regularly scheduled, in-person all day new employee orientation (Welcome Day), which is required for new employees from the Seattle main campus
    • Added language stating that the Union will have access to a thirty-minute presentation with employees hired into the bargaining unit that have not attended a prior orientation, within ninety days of their start date
  • Article 43 – Joint Union/Management Committees
    • Added language stating that there would quarterly JLMs for four departmental groups including Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Housing and Food Services, and UW Seattle Campus Facilities Services
    • Added language stating that ad hoc JLMs for individual departments will be formed upon request of either party
    • Added language stating agenda items must be provided at least fifteen days in advance or either party may cancel a JLM
    • Added language stating that the Union must submit release requests at least fifteen days in advance of a JLM
  • Article 49 – Privacy
    • Maintained current contract language
  • MOU: Leave of Absence WFSE President
    • Extended the terms through the next contract cycle
  • MOU: Public Records Requests and Privacy
    • Extended the terms through the next contract cycle
  • MOU: Scholarship Fund for Medical Center Employees
    • Extended the terms through the next contract cycle
  • Side Letter B – Public Transportation Delays
    • Extended the terms through the next contract cycle
    • Added language stating late arrivals due to delays would be rarely occurring, and the Employer may require employees to provide proof or documentation of the related incident
  • New Side Letter – UW Seattle Campus Building Services Alternative Work Schedules
    • Upon request from the Union, the parties will schedule a meeting to discuss the possible implementation of an alternative schedule pilot for building services. The discussion may also include crews and classifications, workload, open run assignments, zone assignments, etc.

The parties agreed to eliminate the following outdated MOUs and Side Letters (SL):

  • MOU: Administrative Classification Title Consolidation
  • MOU: Coalition Joint Labor Management
  • MOU: Dietetic Technicians
  • MOU: Expedited Arbitration Pilot
  • MOU: Grievances related to Contracting Out
  • MOU: HR/Payroll System Bargaining
  • MOU: Kronos Implementation
  • MOU: Panel of Arbitrators
  • MOU: Pay Table Parity
  • MOU: Program Series Compensation
  • MOU: Seniority Calculations and FMLA
  • MOU: Student Loan Debt
  • MOU: Supply Chain Materials
  • MOU: Transportation: Program and Rate Structures of Faculty/Staff UPASS and Parking at the UW
  • MOU: Updating Classifications
  • Side Letter A: New Contract Joint Communication
  • Side Letter C: Regular Temporary Employees
  • Side Letter D: Safe Staffing of Workplaces
  • Side Letter E: Polygraph Testing

UW Proposals

Adequate Lunch Space – In response to the Union’s proposal to define an adequate lunchroom, UW proposed a new MOU stating that access to an adequate lunch space is an appropriate topic for a JLM.

Trades Apprenticeship Program – In response to the Union’s proposal, UW proposed that if the Employer decides to implement a trades apprenticeship program it will follow the conditions outlined within the corresponding contract provision.

Contracting – UW maintained its proposal stating that the University will follow applicable state law and/or the mandatory subjects article when contracting out work.

Union Proposals

Double Shifts – WFSE maintained its proposal stating that employees would not be required to work more than sixteen consecutive hours, including rest breaks and lunch periods (a double shift).  The proposal stated that employees would not work more than two double shifts in a week, unless it was voluntary and for unusual circumstances.  The Union proposed that an employee have a minimum of eight hours off following a double shift and be ineligible for any work assignment during that time.  If the eight-hour break would cut into an employee’s regularly scheduled shift, they would still be paid for that time while resting.

Overtime – WFSE proposed that the overtime definition including work in excess of the daily shift, would be replaced by work in excess of the assigned work shift, or work performed on an assigned day off.

Compensatory Time – WFSE proposed that all employees would be able to accumulate up to 240 hours of compensatory time.  The Union proposed that supervisors would contact employees with unscheduled compensatory time balances to review their schedule by June 15 of each year (before June 30 cash out).

Uniforms and Special Clothing – The Union proposed to retain current contract language stating that the Employer would provide and clean at no cost to the employees, any required uniforms or special clothing.

WFSE modified its proposal to say the Employer would reimburse all employees who are required to wear safety footwear as essential personal protective equipment $225 annually or up to the amount that is current department practice, whichever is higher.  Additionally, the Union maintained its proposal that the Employer would reimburse all employees required to wear safety glasses up to $200 annually for ANSI-approved prescription safety glasses.

Next Steps

The next UW-Coalition bargaining session is scheduled for September 13, and the next UW-WFSE bargaining session is scheduled for September 17.