Labor Relations

UW – Coalition Negotiations Recap August 22 & 24, 2018


This recap details portions of the third and fourth coalition sessions between the UW and SEIU 925, WFSE, and the SEIU 1199NW Research/Hall Health Bargaining Unit.  Economic items will be bargained in coalition, including wages, paid family medical leave, transportation, etc.

Recaps are published online on each Union’s negotiation update page:

 Multi-Union Economic Proposals

Wages – The coalition proposed to increase wages across-the-board by 8% on July 1, 2019 and 8% on July 1, 2020.

Washington Family Medical Leave Program – The coalition proposed that the Employer would pay the total premiums associated with the Washington State Family and Medical Leave Program (0.4% of an employee’s pay).

Employer Response: The Employer proposed to follow the law’s minimum contribution requirements (37% of the premium, with the remainder paid by the employee).

Like Titles – The coalition proposed that should any Union bargain a wage increase (salary adjustments, market adjustments, premium pay rates, etc.) where a like title exists in another bargaining unit, the Employer would apply the increase to all titles uniformly and concurrently.

SEIU 1199 Specific Economic Proposals

The SEIU 1199NW Research/Hall Health Bargaining Unit presented Union-specific economic proposals on July 9, and a recap can be found here.

Next Steps

SEIU 1199 has indicated that they are done presenting economic proposals.  The next UW-SEIU 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for September 7, and the next UW-Coalition bargaining session is scheduled for September 13.