Labor Relations

UW – UAW Negotiations Recap for March 1, 2018


This recap details the third session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW, set to expire on April 30, 2018. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

UW Initial Proposals

Discipline or Dismissal – UW proposed that prior to the suspension or dismissal of an ASE, there would be a pre-determination meeting to give an employee the opportunity to make their case before the Employer’s determination.  The current contract allows for, but does not require a disciplinary conference (pre-determination meeting).  The Employer proposed language to clarify the role of Union representation during a pre-determination meeting.

Grievance Procedure – UW proposed language in alignment with the Employer’s stated interest to establish a reasonable timeline for the grievance process, which both parties could adhere to. UW proposed to strike language stating that grievances may immediately proceed to step two, in an effort to encourage settlement at the lowest level whenever possible.  The Employer proposed increases to the following:

  • Amount of time after an occurrence, or knowledge of an occurrence, before a grievance must be filed (current: 21 days; proposed: 30 days)
  • Amount of time the step one management designee has to meet with the grievant and Union after receiving a grievance (current: 14 days; proposed: 15 days)
  • Amount of time the step one management designee has to issue a written grievance response after meeting (current: 7 days; proposed: 15 days)
  • Amount of time the Union has to appeal a step one decision in writing (current: 7 days; proposed: 15 days)
  • Amount of time the step two management designee and Labor Relations designee has to meet with the grievant and Union upon receipt of the appeal (current: 7 days; proposed 15 days)
  • Amount of time the parties have to mutually request mediation if a satisfactory settlement is not reached at step two (current: 14 days; proposed: 30 days)

The Employer proposed to remove contract language and the related memoranda of understanding (MOU) requiring arbitration hearings to be regularly scheduled every few months, regardless of whether or not the parties had issues to arbitrate upon scheduling.  The Employer proposed language to allow either party to submit a grievance to binding arbitration within 30 days following the written notice that there is no agreement to mediate or conclusion to the prior step, rather than on a regular pre-set schedule.

Leaves of Absence – UW proposed to update the leaves of absence article to reflect recent amendments to RCW 49.46 and the passing of voter based Initiative 1433.  The proposed language includes updates to the following in accordance with the law change:

  • Family member definition
  • Rules for sick leave usage
  • Accrual for hourlies at the rate of one hour for every forty hours worked (hourlies received no paid sick leave prior to January 1, 2018)
  • Removal of the one day limit on use of sick leave for child care emergencies

Personal Holiday – UW proposed to move the unchanged language regarding personal holidays from the holiday to the vacation article to align with other UW collective bargaining agreements.

Job Posting – UW proposed to eliminate language stating that open ASE positions would be posted on a central website maintained by the University, as there is not a single hub for these postings.  The Employer proposed language indicating a series of places these postings could be found including, but not limited to, UW Hires, Husky Jobs, etc.

Appointment and Reappointment – UW proposed language that would allow for offer letters to be either written or electronic, as the current contract only refers to offer letters as written.  The Employer proposed language that provided an example of when an appointment cannot be filled by the notification deadline, such as when an offer is pending verification of enrollment thresholds.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) – UW proposed to eliminate the following:

  • MOU: Job Titles and Classifications
  • MOU: Immigration Status and Work Authorization
  • MOU: HR/P and Union Security
  • MOU: Advisory Committee to the Provost Regarding Student Employee Hourly Wage
  • MOU: Lump Sum Payment Upon Ratification
  • Memoranda of Agreement: HR/P Transition and Impacts
  • Letter of Understanding: F: Overpayment of Health Insurance Premium

The Employer’s stated position is that the memorandum listed above have been satisfied in full and/or expired, and are no longer necessary components of the collective bargaining agreement.

UAW Response – Union Rights

In response to the Employer’s counter-proposal, UAW maintained their initial proposals on the Union rights article with the following exceptions:

  • The Union decreased the proposed length of new employee orientation from 75 to 70 minutes.
  • The Union proposed that all new ASEs would be notified with their orientation details no later than the date their appointment letter is provided.
  • The Union proposed that those who had not yet had an orientation would have one scheduled by their department or hiring unit no later than the last day of the second pay period of the quarter, and would provide space and time for that meeting.
  • In addition to the Union’s original joint training language, the Union added the Employer’s proposed language stating that the parties would jointly develop management training prior to the start of fall quarter 2018, but indicated that it should encompass additional content beyond summarizing changes of the collective bargaining agreement.

Next Steps

The next UW-UAW bargaining session is scheduled for March 9.  On this date the parties aim to exchange the remainder of their initial proposals.