Labor Relations

Communication Regarding Negotiated Certification Premium for Harborview Healthcare Specialists

On January 31, 2018, Curtis Colvin, Director of Recruiting for UW Medicine Human Resources, distributed correspondence regarding the $1.00/hour certification premium for Harborview (HMC) Healthcare Specialists (HCS) and Health Care Specialist Leads, which is now in effect.

All Health Care Specialists who possess a certification in a specialty area, and are working in the area of certification, are eligible for this premium.  Please note, the certification must be in addition to any certifications that are required as minimum qualifications for an employee’s position.

If an employee holds a certification which qualifies them for the additional pay, they can complete the “HCS Certification Premium Application Form” linked below, and submit it to the HMC nursing recruitment office along with a copy of their certification (please don’t submit originals).

Employees may submit the required documents via email to, in person to HMC nursing recruitment (Pat Steel Bldg., suite # 2100, 8am to 5pm M-F), or fax to 206-744-9923.

All documentation received will be reviewed by the HMC nurse recruiting team as well as by the HMC Director of Healthcare Specialists; and eligibility for the certification premium will be determined.

Any questions may be directed to HMC nursing recruitment at 206-744-9240 or