Labor Relations

UW – WSNA Negotiations Recap for June 20, 2017


This recap details the 6th session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WSNA. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

UW presented WSNA with a series of tentative agreements, and are awaiting signatures to close the following provisions:

Articles negotiated in session

  • Article 2 – Non-Discrimination
  • Article 13 – Other Leaves of Absence
  • Article 15 – Conference Committees
  • Article 20 – Posting, Transfer, Promotions, Reallocation
  • Article 25 – Insurance and Pension
  • Appendix VI – Memorandum of Agreement for Rest breaks (removed from the appendix and turned in to an MOU)

Articles never opened by either party

  • Preamble
  • Articles 1 – Purpose
  • Article 3 – Affirmative Action
  • Article 4 – Recognition/Employer
  • Article 8 – Educational and Professional Development
  • Article 11 – Employment Practices
  • Article 14 – Sick Leave
  • Article 16 – Employee Facilities
  • Article 17 – Corrective Action (Progressive Discipline) Dismissal and Resignation
  • Article 21 – Worker’s Compensation Leave
  • Article 22 – Management Rights and Responsibilities
  • Article 23 – Performance of Duty
  • Article 26 – Savings Clause
  • Article 27 – Complete Agreement

WSNA Proposals

Holiday & Vacation Leave – In response to UW’s proposal, WSNA rejected language that would move the personal holiday and conditions for use to a separate location in the holiday & vacation leave article, in favor of current contract language.

FMLA – In response to UW’s proposal, WSNA proposed language that would include further definitions of covered veterans and next of kin, relating to military family leave.  The union proposed to include additional language directly from FMLA and parental leave laws.

Grievance Procedure – In response to UW’s proposal, WSNA rejected the employer’s proposal in favor of current contract language.  The union expressed disinterest in agreeing to utilize a permanent panel of arbitrators based on their attorney’s advice.

Duration – WSNA maintained its proposal to have a three year collective bargaining agreement, remaining in effect until June 30, 2020.  UW maintained its position stating that the employer is legally prohibited from bargaining a three year contract.

Clinical Clusters for Layoffs – WSNA maintained its interest in making minor name change edits only to the clinical clusters for layoffs.  UW requested a conversation to discuss the reasoning behind the employer’s proposed adjustments, including moving the NICU to another cluster so that it is surrounded with more similar departments.  The parties discussed, and WSNA will prepare a counter-proposal.  The parties also discussed layoff language contained in article 19.

MOU: Standby – In response to UW’s proposal to eliminate the standby MOU, WSNA proposed to retain it and keep current contract language.

Class Specifications – WSNA maintained its proposal to keep class specifications in the contract, although UW had proposed to delete them as they are available on UWHR’s Compensation website.

Economic Proposal

Wages – WSNA proposed to increase wages across the board of the RN2 scale by 4% on July 1, 2017, 4% on July 1, 2018, and 3% on July 1, 2019 (this is assuming a three year contract, which the parties do not currently have).

Premium Pay – WSNA maintained its proposals for the following premiums:

  • Shift premium – Increase the second shift (3:00-11:00pm) premium from $2.50 to $2.75, and the third shift (11:00pm-7:00am) premium from $4.25 to $4.50 per hour
  • Float premium – Expand float pay to include shifts of less than four hours, and increase the float premium for RNs employed solely in the resource team/float pool from $4.00 to $5.00 for all hours
  • Cath Lab premium – Adopt a premium for RNs who work in the Cath Lab of $6.50 per hour for all hours worked

Standby – WSNA proposed that RNs placed on standby status for the first forty-nine hours in a pay period be paid at $4.00 per hour (the current standby rate), and then get a pay increase to $6.25 per hour for all standby hours of fifty or more per pay period.  This proposal was intended to replace the union’s original proposal of an additional $2.25 per hour standby pay for CVT OR RNs.

UW Proposals

Licensure – UW revised its proposal to include language that would require employees to notify their appointing authority within thirty six hours, or before their next shift, if their related license and/or certification expires, or gets restricted, revoked or suspended.

Mandatory Subjects – UW maintained its proposal to modify the retention of benefits article to include language around the process for which the employer would satisfy collective bargaining agreements for mandatory subjects, and Implement changes accordingly.

MOU: Negotiation Team – In response to WSNA’s proposal, UW tentatively agreed to language proposed by WSNA that stated the union would make a good faith effort to recruit team members who are from different units.  UW proposed to include language stating that UWMC would provide paid release time for one member to attend Health Care Coalition bargaining.

Next Steps

The next UW-WSNA bargaining session is scheduled for June 26.