Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for January 10, 2017

This recap summarizes the sixth session to incorporate pharmacy technicians and imaging technologist supervisory employees at Harborview Medical Center into the SEIU 1199 collective bargaining agreement.

Summary of Proposals


SEIU 1199 conveyed its intent for imaging technologist supervisors, imaging technologist education/QA employees, and pharmacy technicians to receive a 4 percent general wage increase, as well as an additional pay step at the top of the wage scale.

UW presented market wage data requested by the union, demonstrating that imaging technologist series salaries are very competitive with the market:

Respectful Work Environment

SEIU 1199 declined UW’s proposal memorializing the parties’ commitment to maintain a respectful work environment and prohibit retaliation against employees who make workplace behavior complaints. Instead, the union renewed its proposal to facilitate respectful workplace discussions through the joint labor-management process.

Lateral Movement

SEIU 1199 rejected UW’s proposal to enable pharmacy technicians to transfer between inpatient and outpatient settings (and vice versa), expressing concerns that UW’s proposed six month trial service period for this type of transfer represents an extended probation for employees.

UW clarified the difference between a trial service and a probationary period, explaining that a trial service period is a time for both employees and managers to test whether a job placement is the right fit while retaining protections around returning to their previous position.

Work Schedules

UW proposed to maintain existing schedule posting processes for pharmacy technicians, imaging technologist supervisors, and imaging technologist education/QA employees, memorializing that any changes would be in accordance with existing contract language on mandatory subjects of bargaining.

Tentative Agreement

For the purposes of joint labor-management meetings, the parties tentatively agreed to allocate two total representatives for imaging technologist supervisors and education/QA employees and four representatives for pharmacy technicians.

Next Steps

The next UW-SEIU 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for January 26, 2017.