Labor Relations

UW Proposes Pay Range Increases for Nuclear Medicine Tech Employees

On December 23, UW proposed pay range increases for several SEIU 925-represented Nuclear Medicine Technologist employees.

UW proposed the following range increases, effective February 1, 2017:

  • Nuclear Medicine P.E.T. Technologists (Job Code 8405): Move from Pay Table BF Range 12 to Pay Table BF Range 17. These employees would not be eligible for dual modality pay or certification pay for doing P.E.T./CT work, as it will be a requirement of the position.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist Leads (Job Code 8412): Move from Pay Table BF Range 18 to Pay Table BF Range 19.

Affected employees would be placed on the same step on the new pay range that they are on at the time of the move.