Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for December 7, 2016

This recap summarizes the third session to incorporate pharmacy technicians and imaging technologist supervisory employees at Harborview Medical Center into the SEIU 1199 collective bargaining agreement. This session focused on pharmacy technicians.

UW Presentation

UW clarified confusion surrounding pharmacy technicians’ union certification, confirming that they were legally established as their own bargaining unit, rather than being added to the existing anesthesia/END/respiratory unit. UW maintained proposals reflecting this fact, while increasing its proposed number of pharmacy technician bargaining unit delegates to four.

UW proposed moving pharmacy technicians onto the applicable SEIU 1199 pay table in a way that would ensure that they are paid the same if not more than before. UW also delivered third-party salary data demonstrating that pharmacy technicians are currently paid at 99 percent of the market median.

Union Proposals

SEIU 1199 delivered proposals on joint labor-management committee membership as well as continuing education, proposing $500 per pharmacy technician per year in education support funds (pro-rated for part-time employees).

Negotiations Process

UW proposed that the parties continue with negotiations for the pharmacy technicians and imaging technologist supervisors, while seeking clarification from the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) over confusion on the appropriate bargaining unit for imaging technologist education/quality assurance employees.

Next Steps

The next UW-SEIU 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for December 19.