Labor Relations

Agreement Finalized with UWHA on Contract for Residents and Fellows

On October 14, UW reached agreement with UWHA on the first collective bargaining agreement for UW residents and fellows represented by UWHA (called “Residents” below). Residents have since voted in favor of ratifying this contract, which is effective through June 30, 2019. Key points of the agreement are summarized below.

Highlights of the Agreement

Compensation – UW will increase Resident compensation in each year of the agreement, as follows:

  • Effective after Ratification: Recalibration of the stipend schedule with a 3 percent increase.
  • July 1, 2017: 3 percent increase.
  • July 1, 2018: 3 percent increase.

Home Call Stipend – UW will provide an annual “home call stipend” to Residents (designed to recognize Residents’ need to report to training sites on short notice) for upcoming academic years (AY), as follows:

  • AY 2017: $900 annual lump sum payment.
  • AY 2018: $1,150 annual lump sum payment.
  • AY 2019: $1,150 annual lump sum payment.

Ratification Lump Sum Payment – In the first pay period following ratification, UW will provide Residents with a one-time lump sum payment, as follows:

  • R1-R5: Residents in R-years R1-R5 will receive $455.
  • R6-R7: Residents in R-years R6-R7 will receive $715.
  • R8 or Research Training: Residents in R-year R8 or qualifying Residents who progressed at least one research training year will receive $1,430.

Research Year Supplement – UW will supplement compensation for Residents during required research years to ensure they are paid according to their PGY level and not the NIH pay scale.

Transportation – UW will provide a $750 annual travel allowance to help with each Resident’s transportation costs, and will allocate $50,000 annually to support a bike program available for all Residents.

Professional Development and Licenses – UW will allocate $350 per year per Resident for professional development, and Residents may roll over unused funds to successive training years (up to $1,000). UW will also reimburse Residents for their required Washington State Medical license fees, USMLE Step III, and any other required certifications not provided by the residency program (such as ACLS and PALS).

Childcare Fund – UW will allocate $50,000 each year to support childcare needs of Residents who qualify for the program.

Extended Leave – Eligible residents and fellows may receive up to 12 weeks of paid leave during their UW appointment. Qualifying conditions are generally severe, extraordinary, or life-threatening illness or injury (which could include suicidal ideation or substance abuse disorder requiring extended inpatient treatment). To qualify, a Resident must have already exhausted their available vacation and sick leave.

Holidays – The parties agreed to language memorializing Seattle Children’s Hospital’s commitment to observe the same holidays as UW (Harborview and UWMC) for Resident work assignments.

Moonlighting – The parties agreed to language promoting increased consistency across programs to better enable internal and external moonlighting.

Housestaff Committees – The parties agreed to guarantee Resident representation on numerous hospital committees.