Labor Relations

Gender-Neutral Restroom Initiative Update: June 8, 2016

University representatives met with UAW Local 4121 on June 8, 2016, to provide an update on UW’s ongoing efforts to improve access to gender-neutral restrooms across campus.

Happening Now

UW Facilities Services crews continue their efforts to confirm the locations of restrooms at the University that could potentially be converted to gender neutral. The union has helped to double-check the viability of several of these locations.

Gathering Information

The parties discussed strategies for securing and sharing additional information, and UW plans to survey data on newer buildings and certain off-campus buildings.

UW also committed to provide the union with more information on the scheduling and sequencing of future restroom conversions.

Coming Up

The parties agreed to meet again in August to check on progress to date and discuss next steps, including ways to leverage apps and the web to increase accessibility of gender-neutral restrooms.