Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for February 3, 2016

This recap summarizes the 19th bargaining session between the UW and the UWHA to form the first union contract for UW medical and dental residents and fellows. This was the fifth session to be facilitated by a State-appointed mediator.

Discussion of Proposals

Union Reaction to UW’s Proposals

UWHA expressed dissatisfaction with UW’s most recent proposals on stipends, childcare, and parking, and highlighted that the proposed bike program was not responsive to its membership’s needs. UW reminded UWHA that this idea was initiated by the union.

UW Response: Stipends

The UW team affirmed its commitment to stay competitive with the nation’s top programs, but maintained that the institution does not share UWHA’s desire to drastically break from how residents are paid everywhere else in the country.

UW Response: Non-stipend Benefits

UW also noted the importance of internal equity with non-stipend benefits, and that to provide free parking only to residents would present equity issues with other employee groups such as custodians, who also work unconventional hours.

The union dismissed this notion, arguing that it is unreasonable to compare residents to custodians.

Outstanding Information

UW reiterated its outstanding requests for data that the union has committed to provide in support of its positions.

Next Steps

The next UW-UWHA bargaining mediation session is scheduled for February 8.