Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap

This recap details the 15th bargaining session between the UW and the UWHA to form the first union contract for UW medical and dental residents and fellows (collectively referred to below as “trainees”). This was the first session to be facilitated by a State-appointed mediator.

Introduction to Mediation

The parties were joined by a mediator from the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) to help facilitate negotiations. Both parties outlined their priorities for the mediator. UW voiced its support for finalizing topics where the parties are very close to agreement, such as expanding moonlighting for residents and fellows.

The union expressed unwillingness to formally sign off on the parties’ agreement on moonlighting until the parties get closer on stipends. In response, UW suggested that the parties memorialize their moonlighting agreement in a non-binding way. UW noted that the parties must eventually sign off on the dozens of open issues in order to finalize a contract, and to date the union has only signed off on one provision.

Union Proposals

Stipends – The amended UWHA proposal is for stipend increases of 32.6-42.8 percent in the first year of the contract (a first-year increase of $17,362 to $29,863 per trainee), effective upon ratification. Specifically, the union proposed the following stipends per year of residency (post-graduate year, or “PGY”):

  • PGY 1 – $70,630 (32.6% increase)
  • PGY 2 – $74,442 (34.4% increase)
  • PGY 3 – $78,320 (35.9% increase)
  • PGY 4 – $82,344 (37% increase)
  • PGY 5 – $86,464 (38.1% increase)
  • PGY 6 – $90,765 (39.3% increase)
  • PGY 7 – $95,188 (39.5% increase)
  • PGY 8 – $99,655 (42.8% increase)

The union maintained its proposal for increases of 2.5 percent in each of the subsequent two years. During the session, UW stated that it is working on a response to the new union proposal.


  • Childcare Subsidies: UWHA proposed that UW grant $400 per month to trainees seeking childcare outside of the UW’s childcare centers, provided they have been on the wait list for UW-affiliated childcare for at least three months.
  • Childcare Grants: UWHA proposed financial hardship grants of $4,000 per year for eligible trainees for childcare expenses. The union proposed eligibility criteria such as a household income less than $100,000 (though this number could exceed $100,000 if both parents are residents/fellows) and being pregnant or having a child under seven years old.


  • Free Parking: UWHA proposed that trainees receive free parking at Seattle-area training sites (UW Medical Center, Harborview, Seattle Children’s, and the VA).
  • Extra Pay for Not Driving: UWHA proposed that trainees receive a $3 per day incentive for each day they do not drive to a work site.
  • Free U-PASS: UWHA proposed that trainees who drive less than 20 percent of the time in an academic year receive a free U-PASS at the start of the next academic year.
  • Bike Incentive: UWHA proposed that trainees receive $100 for bike maintenance for every quarter in which they bike more than 80 percent of the time.
  • Bike Cages: UWHA proposed that UW guarantee free and reliable access to bike cages at every training site.

Next Steps

The next UW-UWHA bargaining mediation session is scheduled for January 21.