Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for November 4, 2015

This recap summarizes the second session between the UW and SEIU 925 to incorporate UWMC physical therapists into the SEIU 925-UW collective bargaining agreement.

SEIU 925 Proposals

In response to UW’s initial proposal on October 21, SEIU 925 made the following proposals:

Pay Range Placements – SEIU 925 proposed moving physical therapists to SEIU 925 pay tables at the following pay range placements:

  • Physical Therapist 1: BG 94.
  • Physical Therapist 2: BH 5.
  • Physical Therapist 3: BH 9.
  • Physical Therapist Specialist: BH 16.

Certification Premium – SEIU 925 proposed to introduce a certification pay premium of $2 per hour.

Weekend Differential – SEIU 925 proposed to increase the weekend pay differential to $4 per hour.

Preceptor Differential – SEIU 925 proposed to introduce a preceptor pay differential of $2 per hour.

Float Differential – SEIU 925 proposed to introduce a float pay differential of $2 per hour for float pool physical therapists.

Automatic Movement – SEIU 925 proposed that after working for one year in the Physical Therapist 2 job class, employees be automatically moved to the Physical Therapist 3 job class.

Educational Leave – SEIU 925 proposed five days of paid educational leave per year with an additional two days per year for UW-administered “in-house” training.

Education Funds – SEIU 925 proposed $1,500 in education support funds per year, per full-time equivalent (FTE). The union proposed that employees who attend training on a day off either be paid for that day or receive a paid day off at a later date.

Staffing and Scheduling – SEIU 925 proposed increases to physical therapist staffing levels across departments. The union also made several workplace-specific proposals:

  • UWMC Staffing and Scheduling
    • Weekend Scheduling: SEIU 925 proposed a weekend scheduling rotation that would require working one weekend every five weeks. Employees would volunteer to work an all-weekend, partial-weekend, or every other weekend schedule in an initial bid, which would establish the number of permanent weekend slots. Any regular weekend vacancies would be filled by new employees first, where they would remain until other vacancies appeared. Rotation schedule vacancies would be filled by seniority.
    • Staffing Levels: The union proposed that UW guarantee staffing levels that would allow for between six and eight employees on any given shift to be out on leave.
  • Clinic Staffing and Scheduling
    • Weekend Scheduling: SEIU 925 proposed that the parties memorialize current practice for the weekend rotation scheduling.
    • Float Pool: SEIU 925 proposed the use of a physical therapist float pool for the clinics.

Next Steps

The next UW-SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for November 19.