Labor Relations

Comprehensive UWPD-Teamsters 117 Tentative Agreement Reached

The parties reached a comprehensive tentative agreement for the 2015-2017 contract after meeting on June 26, 2015, which has been ratified by Teamsters’ membership.

Summary of the 2015-2017 Agreement


  • General Wage Increases:
    • 3% across the board increase effective July 1, 2015.
    • 2% across the board increase effective July 1, 2016.
  • Lump Sum Payments:
    • 3% lump sum payment based on July 1, 2015, pay rates, effective the first pay period of July 2015.
    • 4% lump sum payment based on July 1, 2016, pay rates, effective the first pay period of July 2016.
    • To be eligible, officers must be in the bargaining unit continuously from the time of ratification or hire until the time of the payment.

Article 4: Joint Labor-Management Committee

  • Joint Labor-Management Committee: A union staff representative is to be the sole decision-maker in determining whether their attendance at joint labor-management meetings is necessary.

Article 15: Hours of Work and Overtime

  • Pay for Administrative Assignments: Qualifying administrative assignments requiring in-person attendance that are not contiguous with an officer’s shift will yield a minimum of four hours’ pay. Noncontiguous telephonic assignments will receive at least two hours of pay.
  • Overtime Assignments: While general overtime needs are to be determined and scheduled by the employer, UWPD will discuss overtime staffing and assignment for football and other special events with officers and the union through the joint labor-management process, with a particular focus on employees’ ability to opt-out of such shifts.
  • Football Events: Officers who are assigned to a shift the night immediately before a football event or the night immediately after the event will not be required to work the football event.
  • Shift Selection: New language memorializes that the shift bidding process will occur in April of each year, for assignments to take effect on the schedule nearest to July 1.

Article 16: Compensatory Time Off

  • Comp. Time Accumulation: The maximum amount of compensatory time officers can accumulate will increase from 200 hours to 240.

Article 18: Grievance Procedure

  • Grievance Procedure: Steward involvement will be increased at step one of the grievance procedure, and grievances will automatically move to step two if a department does not provide a response at step one.

Article 20: Longevity and Premiums

  • Longevity Premium Schedule: The existing longevity pay schedule will be front-loaded to provide for an increase at 3 years of service instead of at 25 years.


  • New Article: Employees may voluntarily contribute to Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education (DRIVE) via payroll deduction, provided that management receives a copy of the authorization.