Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 15, 2015

This recap details the 18th session for renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW.

UW Proposals

Health Insurance – UW proposed that the parties negotiate health benefits based on the plan design as detailed in the parties’ recently-submitted request for proposals. UW proposed capping cost increases from one plan year to the next at 6 percent, calculated based on per-student per-month premium rates, using the 2014-15 plan year premium rates as the baseline.

Beginning in March 2016, UW would notify the union annually of the renewal rates for the upcoming plan year. If rates were to exceed the 6 percent cap, the parties would meet promptly to make adjustments in order to adhere to the cap. UW would provide the union with relevant information and reports, and would fulfill any notification and bargaining obligations in the event that federal or state laws compel changes to the plan.

Fee and Tuition Waivers – UW further clarified the context of its proposal for ASEs to resume payment of the U-Pass and Student Facilities Renovation (SFR) fees.

The settlement language that fully resolved the parties’ past dispute over these fees makes clear that the remedy expires with the current contract, and that ASEs are otherwise responsible for paying these fees. Despite this, for ease of administration UW is proposing that payment of these fees begin with summer quarter 2015, rather than on April 30.

UAW Proposal

Intellectual Property – UAW maintained its proposal to grant the union a position on any UW committee on intellectual property and commercialization issues.

Mediation Discussion

UW confirmed with the union that the University has requested bargaining mediation, in which a third-party mediator helps facilitate understanding and agreement between the parties. UW endorsed mediation as a means to resolution on provisions where the parties remain apart, including the union’s demand to increase the union-wide childcare subsidy by over 500 percent, from $40,000 to $250,000, and the union’s proposal to increase the ASE paid leave allotment from seven to 90 days per year.

Next Steps

The next UW-UAW bargaining session is scheduled for April 16.