Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 2, 2015

This recap details the 15th session for renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW.

UW Proposals

Appointment and Reappointment Notification – UW proposed language encouraging ASEs and supervisors to discuss the curricular purpose of an assignment and the projected time estimates for the specific duties of the assignment.

Childcare – UW proposed expanding the childcare subsidy for each eligible ASE from $700 per quarter to $900. UW maintained its proposal establishing that to the extent UW has an active contract for sick child care services in lieu of the cancelled Virginia Mason TLC program, qualifying ASEs will be eligible to participate.

Fee and Tuition Waivers – UW proposed that ASEs resume payment of the U-Pass and Student Facilities Renovation (SFR) fees, in keeping with its obligation to bargain over these fees.

In light of a 2012 arbitration decision establishing UW’s duty to bargain over these fees, the union and UW had agreed to a finite settlement allowing for the U-Pass and SFR fees to be refunded under certain circumstances. As the parties agreed, this settlement expires after spring quarter 2015.

UAW Proposals

Micro-aggressions – UAW maintained its previously-proposed language on micro-aggressions.

Lactation Support – UAW proposed that UW maintain a webpage listing lactation stations, access instructions, and equipment availability, and that the UW and union meet twice annually to discuss expanding the quantity and accessibility of lactation stations for ASEs.

Discipline or Dismissal – UAW proposed allowing ASEs who wish to request a conference with their supervisor and the union regarding a corrective action to do so within 14 days of its issuance, and maintained its proposal for notice of corrective action to be sent to the union and the affected ASE simultaneously.

UAW maintained its proposal whereby for ASEs placed on administrative leave, an investigation would begin within one day of the ASE being notified and conclude within 10 days.

Training – UAW proposed that the parties maintain current contract language.

Workload – UAW supplemented UW’s academic excellence proposal, proposing that changes to assignment structure or to an ASE’s supervisory responsibilities be subjects of discussion between the affected ASE and their supervisor.

UAW rejected UW’s proposed language clarifying the policy basis for hourly ASE appointments and schedules. UAW expanded upon UW’s proposal to foster workload discussions at the Union-Management Committee, proposing to enable the committee to create policy statements related to ASE workload.

Workspace and Materials – UAW maintained its proposal to expand the list of services and resources made accessible to ASEs to include necessary time with equipment to perform required research.

Tentative Agreement

Article 25: Training – The parties tentatively agreed to maintain current contract language.

Next Steps

The next UW-UAW bargaining session is scheduled for April 8.