Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for February 19, 2015

This recap details the fifth session for renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW.

Union Proposals

Appointment and Reappointment Notification – UAW proposed expanding the contents required in an ASE’s job description to include a list of required tasks with corresponding time estimates, and the curricular purpose of the assignment when applicable. UAW proposed a requirement that policies outlining the criteria and decision process governing ASE appointment, work, and evaluation be provided to ASEs and made publically available, and to require ASE input for changes to such policies.

Training – UAW proposed adding language to guarantee training related to any mentorship or supervisory work expected of an ASE, and, when applicable, to clarify a work assignment’s role in the curriculum.

Workspace and Materials – UAW proposed expanding the list of services and resources that must be made accessible to ASEs to include necessary time with equipment to perform required research.

Academic Excellence – UAW proposed incorporating the parties’ provision on academic excellence (Letter of Understanding H) into the main body of the contract, and proposed an avenue for ASEs to raise concerns regarding access to research equipment and facilities as well as alterations to ASE mentor or supervisory responsibilities.

UAW proposed that UW provide TAs with rationales for course enrollment limits and allow for TA input. UAW proposed that UW monitor the aggregate TA-to-undergraduate ratio, and work to maintain a ratio of 21 undergraduates per TA.

Health Benefits Discussion

UAW presented several questions related to GAIP, renewing and supplementing elements of the union’s pending information requests.

Next Steps

The next UW-UAW bargaining session is scheduled for February 25.