Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for January 26, 2015

This recap details the first bargaining session between the UW and the UWHA to form the first union contract for UW medical and dental residents and fellows (collectively referred to below as “trainees”).


UWHA expressed a desire to work with UW to create an optimal learning and patient care environment. UW agreed. UWHA also expressed their view that trainees had not felt sufficiently empowered through existing shared decision-making mechanisms such as the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) and the Institutional Resident and Fellow Advisory Committee (IRFAC) and thus chose to unionize.

Ground Rules

UW proposed a set of ground rules to establish mutually agreeable protocols for bargaining meetings and logistics. UWHA expressed general support for most of the ground rules but declined to sign any ground rules based on the recommendation of their attorney.

Union Bargaining Priorities

UWHA verbally outlined some of its priorities for bargaining, which included:

  • Stipends: Increases to gross salary.
  • Benefits: Enhancements to benefits, including the availability and cost of parking and childcare.
  • Financial Support: Increased financial support for fees associated with required exams and licenses, as well as for travel and education.
  • Policy Changes: Changes to policies including those pertaining to leaves of absence, grievance procedure, moonlighting, and evaluation.

UWHA expressed its desire for UW to build a framework agreement for the parties based on other union contracts at the UW, and informed by what it understands to be trainees’ concerns.

Further Discussion

UW requested further details regarding UWHA’s priorities and concerns, to better understand the specific changes sought by the union. UWHA did not provide additional details at this meeting, but indicated its intent to bring more specifics to future bargaining sessions.

UW expressed its interest in using at least some provisions of the Resident and Fellow Position Appointment (RFPA) as a foundation for a collective bargaining agreement.

Next Steps

The next UW-UWHA bargaining session is scheduled for February 11. The grievance procedure, moonlighting policy and professional fee reimbursement are to be discussed at the next meeting.