Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for September 15, 2014

This recap details the 11th session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WFSE for the 2015-17 contract term.

UW Proposals

UW put forth a package proposal addressing several outstanding provisions.

Article 3: Disability Leave – UW maintained its proposal for interspersed paid leave used for continuity of benefits to be applied to the first working day of the month.

Article 6: Joint Union-Management Committees – UW would accept WFSE’s proposal to include joint labor-management pre-meeting time as time for which employees would not experience loss in salary.

Article 7: Union Dues Deduction and Union Security – UW proposed that the parties maintain current contract language.

Article 9: Union Activities – UW proposed that the parties maintain current contract language for any outstanding sections, declining WFSE’s proposal to increase the time guaranteed to the union at new employee orientation and WFSE’s proposal to grant time for the union to meet with employees participating in online orientation.

Article 10: Employee Rights – UW proposed new language to clarify that employees will be provided reasonable time to secure a representative prior to an investigatory meeting. UW maintained its proposed language whereby employees would be granted paid release time during normal working hours for the purpose of attending (not preparing for) meetings or hearings scheduled by management pertaining to the grievance, corrective action, or negotiations processes.

Article 12: Uniforms/Special Clothing – UW proposed that the parties maintain current contract language.

Article 17: Contracting – UW proposed that the parties maintain current contract language.

Article 21: Performance Evaluation – UW would withdraw its proposal for a less prescriptive evaluation format and its proposal to remove language denoting that lack of a performance evaluation indicates satisfactory performance, in favor of maintaining current contract language.

Article 22: Personnel Files – UW would accept WFSE’s proposal to expand removal of documents language to apply to record of any corrective action, not just formal counseling.

Article 23: Corrective Action – UW maintained its proposal for management to determine the step at which corrective action process begins based on the nature and severity of the problem. UW would accept WFSE’s language memorializing that management will inform the employee about their right to representation under the contract when formal or final counseling is being conducted.

Article 35: Miscellaneous Paid Leaves – UW would accept WFSE’s proposal to allow employees to use their bereavement leave non-continuously.

Article 36: Military Leave – UW would agree to WFSE’s proposal to memorialize the parties’ obligation to follow the Military Family Leave Act.

Article 37: Leave without Pay – UW would accept WFSE’s proposed language establishing that employees must submit written requests for leave without pay prior to the leave being used, when feasible.

Article 56: Mandatory Subject – UW withdrew its proposal to remove the article, in favor of maintaining current contract language.

WFSE Response

WFSE proposed modifications to UW’s package proposal:

Article 23: Corrective Action – WFSE proposed allowing for formal counseling to be taken to arbitration for a finite period, from July 1, 2015, through June 29, 2017.

Article 53: Commute Trip Reduction and Parking – WFSE maintained its proposed language to enable and encourage departments with continuous or public responsibility to establish independent work schedules according to employee requests.

Next Steps

The next UW-WFSE bargaining session is scheduled for September 17.