Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for June 16, 2014

This recap details the second session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WFSE for the 2015-17 contract term.

UW Proposals

Performance Evaluation – UW proposed changes to make performance evaluation language less prescriptive on the evaluation format. UW also proposed removing language that in the absence of an annual performance evaluation, it is automatically assumed that an employee performed satisfactorily.

Health and Safety – UW proposed clarifications to better align contract language with the law pertaining to the union’s role during workplace inspections.

Overtime – UW proposed that overtime be calculated only on time worked, and not on paid time that is not worked, such as paid leaves. UW explained that this is consistent with federal and state law.

Mandatory Subjects – UW proposed deletion of Article 56, explaining that UW is already required by law to negotiate over changes in wages, hours, and working conditions, and that this contract language is often a source of confusion.

UW Responses

Corrective Action – UW expressed concern over WFSE’s proposal to add suspension and temporary reductions in pay to the corrective action process.

Contracting Out – UW declined WFSE’s proposed changes, and referenced a past fact-finding recommendation in which a fact finder from the Public Employment Relations Commission found the existing contract language to be reasonable.

Transportation Discussion

Josh Kavanagh, Director of UW Transportation Services, attended the meeting to discuss the role and scope of his department. Transportation Services is responsible for Seattle campus shuttles, fleet, U-PASS, and parking for the main campus and certain Seattle leased properties. UW’s ability to expand its parking facilities in the city is governed by the City of Seattle. Parking at Harborview is subject to King County’s approval as owner, and is beyond the purview of UW Transportation Services.

Several unions and UW agreed years ago that like other far-reaching University benefits such as health care, details pertaining to transit are not bargained. Instead, the parties participate in the University Transportation Committee as the primary decision-making framework.

Next Steps

The next UW-WFSE bargaining session is scheduled for June 23.