Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 25, 2014

This recap details the second bargaining session between the UW and SEIU 925 for a UWMCC collective bargaining agreement.

UW Staffing and Service Level Analysis

UW presented a report explaining the workforce optimization process that UWMCC has undergone, and demonstrating the improvements that have resulted from using banded schedules and dynamic start, stop, and break times. Using UWMCC’s regular forecasting technology, the report shows improved responsiveness and more consistent service for patients.

UW Proposals

Compensation – UW clarified certain aspects of its April 16 compensation proposal, including that the proposal would provide for a two percent across-the-board wage increase on July 1, 2014, like that which was bargained for the SEIU 925 master contract.

SEIU 925 Counter-proposals

Overtime after Shift – SEIU 925 proposed enabling each UWMCC employee on a call lasting beyond the end of their shift to choose either to receive overtime pay for that day, or to flex that time elsewhere in the workweek.

Banded Schedules – SEIU 925 proposed that the timing of employees’ schedule “bands” be changed no more than once every four weeks.

Metrics and Discipline – SEIU 925 proposed that any performance standard that is not achieved by at least 75 percent employees over 90 consecutive days be invalidated, and that any corrective action resulting from such a metric be rescinded.

Compensation – SEIU 925 reiterated its proposal for any pay increases to be applied retroactively to the bargaining unit certification dates, and proposed that pay for Referral Team members be increased to a level comparable to that of the Complex Appointing Team.

Referral Team Discussion

SEIU 925 further explained its proposal to raise Referral Team members’ pay to a rate more comparable to that of the Complex Appointing Team, citing ways in which their work differs from that of a standard Contact Center Representative. These include scheduling different types of procedures and discharge appointments, providing eCare technical support, and handling unique work-queues.

UW explained that such a change would need to take into account the frequency and complexity of these differing tasks, as well as any recruitment and retention concerns. The union acknowledged that turnover has not been a problem for the Referral Team over the past two years.

Next Steps

The next UW/SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for May 8.