Human Resources


The staff employment process is managed through UW Human Resources’ applicant tracking system UWHIRES. Resources about the hiring process and policies for different types of employment programs and positions can be found on the Staff hiring webpages.

Employees requesting new UWHIRES access will be expected to have completed trainings in implicit bias and record keeping for hiring managers.

Requesting access to UWHIRES

Submit the following information to your HR recruiting representative to request access to UWHIRES:

  • Supervisory organization
  • HR manager or Administrator name and email
  • Your name and UW NetID
  • System role
System role Action
Hiring manager Can create requisitions, make and review entries on the hiring manager workbench, request offer approvals, and disposition candidates
Interviewer Can view requisitions and candidate profiles on the workbench
Approver Can view requisitions and candidate profiles on the workbench and approve salary offers

Your HR recruiting representative will contact your HR manager or administrator to confirm and will follow-up with you once access is granted.

Additional roles

Once system access is granted, a HR recruiting representative or a hiring manager may set up users who already have access to UWHIRES with the following roles for a specific requisition:

  • Watcher is a role on the requisition that allows a user to view a specific requisition and candidate profiles.
  • Delegate is a role assigned to a hiring manager that allows another user to act as a hiring manager on a specific requisition.
Removing access to UWHIRES

Contact your HR recruiting representative to remove access to UWHIRES.