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Professional staff temporary position (PSTP)

Last updated: May 3, 2024

A professional staff temporary position (PSTP) may be made for assignments of limited duration such as:

  • A short-term project of a professional nature,
  • Providing training to a newly hired professional staff employee,
  • Coverage for a regular professional staff employee on a leave of absence,
  • Assistance during peak workload periods,
  • Interim coverage during a professional staff recruitment,
  • Occasional professional staff assistance, or
  • Other temporary assignments.

PSTP positions must meet one of the professional staff exemption criteria and may be paid either salary or hourly depending on how the work is scheduled.

PSTP – Salaried

PSTP – Salaried positions are used when the work is regularly scheduled with a set number of hours per workweek and an FTE is assigned. These positions may be up to twelve months in duration, are paid a salary, accrue time off according to Professional Staff Program provisions, and may be benefits eligible.

Positions likely to exceed twelve months duration are treated as a regular professional staff positions, and filled through the regular, open-competitive recruitment process.

The Compensation office assigns PSTP – Salaried positions to one of the following job profiles depending on the applicable FLSA exemption criteria and the Professional Staff Program compensation grade:

  • 11650 | Pro Staff Temp Position (E S)
  • 11655 | Pro Staff Temp Position 11-14 (E S)
  • 19650 | Pro Staff Temp Position (NE S)
  • 19652 | Pro Staff Temp Position 11-14 (NE S)

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PSTP – Hourly

PSTP – Hourly positions are used when the work will not have a predictable schedule and will not be assigned an FTE. These positions may be up to twelve months in duration and may be extended upon approval from the Compensation Office. PSTP – Hourly positions are hourly-paid, overtime eligible, earn paid holidays, and accrue vacation and sick time off based on actual hours paid.

The Compensation office assigns PSTP – Hourly positions to one of the following job profiles depending on the Professional Staff Program compensation grade:

  • 11850 | Pro Staff Temp Position (NE H)
  • 11855 | Pro Staff Temp Position 11-14 (NE H)

PTSP – Hourly positions receive overtime at a rate of one and one half for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek.

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Benefits eligibility

Employees in PSTPs receive employer-provided insurance coverage if eligibility criteria are met. You can review information about insurance eligibility for temporary employees on the Benefits website.

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Extending a position

Campus: PSTP extensions are requested in Workday. Follow the Change Job – Data Change – Extend Employment End Date user guide and contact us if you need assistance.

Medical Centers: Use this process to extend or change a previously approved PSTP – pay rate, duties, hours worked, etc.

Step 1: Download and complete the Professional Staff Temp Request for Extension – Pay Change (PSTP) – Med Centers Only (PDF).

  • Provide sufficient information to support your request.
  • Mark the checkbox that confirms you have obtained the required approval from the UW Medicine CHSO, Hospital Executive Director, UW Medicine CFO, or their delegated designee.

Step 2: Send the completed extension request form as an email attachment to Medical Centers HR – WMS.

The request will route to the Medical Centers Compensation Office for review. Additional information may be requested.

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What should I do if we anticipate additional funding in the future but only have limited funding right now?

Create a professional staff temporary position. If additional funding is awarded and the position will extend beyond twelve months, you will need to conduct a recruitment to fill the regular position. The University is an equal opportunity employer and all qualifying applicants must receive equal consideration. Open your recruitment as soon as you know that you will have the funds to extend the position so that you can equally consider each available candidate.

Do employees in PSTP – Salaried or PSTP – Hourly positions receive legislatively approved salary increases?

Employees in professional staff temporary positions do not automatically receive legislatively approved wage increases. However, the employing unit may make a salary adjustment out of unit funds.

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