Human Resources


Complaint resolution

The UW offers resources to help you resolve complaints and conflicts.

Disability accommodation

The University's disability accommodation process is intended to help employees perform the essential functions of their current position, with or without accommodation.

Disability leave

Disability leave is a type of disability accommodation that may be granted to an employee who is unable to perform the essential functions of their current position.

Drugs and alcohol

The UW's policies on drug and alcohol abuse and testing

Employee personnel file

If you would like access to your official personnel file, follow the UW file access procedure.

Employee references

Guidelines for providing work references for current or former UW employees

Ethics and conflict of interest

Ethical standards for UW resources, outside employment, gifts, and conflicts of interest

Flexwork policy and process

A flexwork arrangement is a work plan that differs from the standard workweek.

Inclement weather

Leave use for missed work caused by inclement weather

Limited duration position types

Limited duration positions are for assignments that are for short-term work that has an end date. The following table lists categories of limited duration staff employee types, and links to related hiring and policy information.

Pregnancy accommodation

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information on accommodation related to pregnancy.

Suspended operations

Information on UW's suspended operations policies, including time off and essential services employees

Telework policy and process

Telework refers to an arrangement where an employee works from home or from another location away from the normal workplace.

Temporary employment program

The temporary employment program describes the requirements for all UW temporary hourly positions that use classified titles.

U-PASS benefit

Certain eligible employees may receive a fully-subsidized U-PASS for commuting via public transportation.

Work disruption planning

Options for time off use and work schedule adjustments to help employees and units accommodate an anticipated short-term disruption.

Workplace violence

The UW is committed to providing a safe workplace and offers resources for reporting concerning behavior and requesting assistance for unsafe, or potentially unsafe, situations.