UW Combined Fund Drive

Frequently asked questions

Why should I give through the UWCFD?
Nonprofit organizations appreciate workplace giving programs because they are one of the most inexpensive forms of fundraising and one of the largest sources of income. The quarterly distribution allows nonprofits to budget more effectively knowing they have a steady stream of income throughout the year. In addition, it is often easier for you to give smaller amounts throughout the year via payroll deduction than in a lump sum check which means you may be able to give more in support of your favorite causes. See more benefits of giving through the UW Combined Fund Drive.

What are the administrative costs for the Combined Fund Drive?
The administrative costs for the 2016 statewide campaign were 7.8%. Overall, the Combined Fund Drive is the most efficient way to raise large amounts of money at a very small cost and assures the maximum possible funding goes directly to charities.

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes. The minimum donation is $1.00 per charity per pay period.

Do my monthly payroll deductions roll over year after year?
Yes, monthly payroll deductions will continue until you complete a new giving form, make changes online or notify the UWCFD office.

Can I give at any time during the year or only during the official campaign period?
You are able to give all year round.

Can I give to my own department fund through the UWCFD?
Yes, you can give to any UW program through the UWCFD. You may find a current listing via the Make a Donation page or write in your own favorite fund.

If my favorite nonprofit organization isn’t listed, can I still give?
If you do not see your charity listed in the search engine on the State CFD site, you may email a request to the state CFD office to invite your charity to apply to the campaign. Once your charity has applied and been assigned a charity code, you may make a pledge.

What does the “%” number after the charity name mean?
This is the charity’s administrative fee percentage, relative to its fundraising, as reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

How do I make out my check?
Please make checks payable to “Combined Fund Drive.” If you are giving to a specific charity, please write the name of that charity in the memo line of the check or on your paper giving form. You may send your check to:

Box 359200
Seattle, WA 98195-9200

Are UWCFD contributions tax-deductible?
UWCFD contributions are tax-deductible. Gifts made through payroll deduction will appear on your W-2. This information is also available through Workday. A donation by personal check is tax-deductible in the year the check is written.

Can I continue to contribute through the Combined Fund Drive upon retirement?
Yes. University of Washington Retirement Plan (UWRP) and Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) retirees may still give to their favorite charities through the Combined Fund Drive.

As a DRS plan retiree, you may give to your favorite charities through a personal check via the UW Combined Fund Drive. Fill out a giving form, attach your check, and mail to UWCFD, Box 359200, Seattle, WA 98195-9200. You can also choose to participate through monthly deductions from your retirement check. Note: Effective Oct. 1, 2017, if you are currently giving via payroll deduction, your pledges will automatically continue through your pension upon your retirement as part of the state Combined Fund Drive campaign. You can add, modify or cancel your pledges any time before or after you retire using a giving form or by contacting uwcfd@uw.edu.

For more information about this convenient method of giving, please contact the state CFD office at 360-902-4162 or e-mail cfd@sos.wa.gov.

If you are a UWRP retiree, you may give to your favorite nonprofit organizations by personal check. Fill out a giving form, attach your check, and mail to UWCFD, Box 359200, Seattle, WA 98195-9200.

Can courtesy appointees, hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees give through the UWCFD?
Yes. Courtesy appointees, hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees can give through the UWCFD via personal check. Submit your check with a giving form. (Payroll deduction is not available for hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees.)

Can I give back to my alma mater?
Yes. Look for your alma mater in the paper charity guide or in the online charity search.

How do I get a paper giving form?
Paper giving forms are mailed annually to UW employees. You may print a replacement form, or contact the UWCFD office at uwcfd@uw.edu to request a form.

How do I change or cancel my payroll deduction?
You may log into your online account and make changes to your donations anytime during the year. You may also submit a giving form to the UWCFD Office or contact the UWCFD Office for assistance at uwcfd@uw.edu or 206-616-3678.

How can I become more involved in the UWCFD?
Volunteer to serve as your department’s campaign coordinator during the fall campaign. You may also join the UWCFD Events Committee to help promote the campaign and plan and execute campuswide events. Email uwcfd@uw.edu for details.

Are gifts made through the UWCFD matched?
Spouses and partners of UW donors who have a matching gift program at their place of employment (i.e., Microsoft, etc.) may make a matching gift to the spouse/partner’s UWCFD gift. Contact uwcfd@uw.edu for more information.