UW Combined Fund Drive

Frequently asked questions

How do I change or cancel my gift?
You can email uwcfd@uw.edu and ask to make any changes/cancellations to your account you’d like or simply log in to your myCFD account and take care of making your changes.

Are gifts made through the UWCFD matched?
As a state agency, the UW is unable to match employee gifts. However, some employers allow UWCFD giving to be used as part of a match for their spouse and partner’s matching gift program. Contact uwcfd@uw.edu for more information.

Can I give or make a change at any time during the year or only during the official campaign period?
You are able to add to or adjust your giving year round.

Is there a minimum donation?
Yes. The minimum donation is $1.00 per charity per pay period.

Do my monthly payroll deductions roll over year after year?
Yes, monthly payroll deductions will continue until you complete an updated UW Employee 2022-2023 Giving Form, make changes to your myCFD account or notify the UWCFD office.

Can I give to my own department fund through the UWCFD?
Yes, you can give to any UW program through the UWCFD.

If my favorite nonprofit organization isn’t listed, can I still give?
If you do not see your charity listed in the search engine on the State CFD site, you may email a request to the state CFD office to invite your charity to apply to the campaign. Once your charity has applied and been assigned a charity code, you may make a pledge.

Are UWCFD contributions tax-deductible?
UWCFD contributions are tax-deductible. Gifts made through payroll deduction will appear on your W-2. This information is also available through Workday. A donation by personal check is tax-deductible in the year the check is written.

Does the UWCFD charge an administrative fee?
The UWCFD is part of the Washington state CFD and the Washington state CFD, like many nonprofits, has an administrative fee to cover costs like rent, salaries, training materials and more. This charge is administered to member charities in the program receiving funds. This fee varies annually based on program donations and expenses. In 2022, the average administrative fee was 11.39%. 

Can courtesy appointees, hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees give through the UWCFD?
Yes. Courtesy appointees, hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees can give through the UWCFD via personal check. Submit your check with a UW Employee 2022-2023 Giving Form. Payroll deduction is not available for hourly/temporary employees, students, and non-UW employees.

When do nonprofits receive our donations?
The funds are disbursed quarterly in April, July, October and January.

Do you engage in telemarking?
No, the Combined Fund Drive never solicits funds via phone. If you receive a call about a UW program you support, it is most likely the Student Calling program on behalf of UW Advancement.

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