UW Combined Fund Drive

2021 Campaign: Giving for Good

We had a blast this year running Giving for Good: UWCFD Campaign 2021! Thank you to everyone who participated, helping us to raise $1,958,811 to support nonprofits locally, nationally and around the world. AMAZING!

Volunteer Recognition

The success of the Combined Fund Drive could not be accomplished without the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of our outstanding volunteers. Consider completing a nomination form for one of the six annual Combined Fund Drive awards. Nominations can be emailed to uwcfd@uw.edu through Tuesday, January 12, 2022:

2021 Sno-King Outstanding Team Award: This award is presented annually to a group of CFD volunteers that demonstrates exemplary teamwork while promoting and educating employees about the benefits of giving through the CFD.

2021 Sno-King Innovative Event Award: This award is presented annually to campaign volunteers who demonstrate exemplary outreach and innovation in planning and executing CFD campaign events.

2021 Sno-King Exemplary Leadership Award: This award is presented annually to the director, manager or supervisor who provides outstanding support of the Combined Fund Drive and the efforts of campaign leaders and/or coordinators within their agency.

2021 Sno-King Rookie of the Year Award: The Rookie of the Year Award is presented annually to new CFD coordinators who have gone the extra mile during the Combined Fund Drive campaign. Each agency may nominate their best and brightest coordinators; those who have helped make the CFD campaign a success.

2021 Sno-King Spirit of Service Award: This award is presented annually to veteran CFD coordinators who have gone the extra mile during the Combined Fund Drive campaign. Each agency may nominate their best and brightest coordinators who have helped make the CFD campaign a success. You may also use this form to nominate co-coordinators.

2021 Sno-King Dean Speer Award: This award for Excellence is presented annually to one CFD volunteer who displays the attributes of enthusiasm, professionalism, positivity, outstanding service, and commitment to the UWCFD. Each department/unit may nominate their best and brightest volunteer.

2021 Featured Nonprofit: Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI)

UWCFD staff touring Rosie’s Village

Our 2021 campaign featured nonprofit was LIHI: Low Income Housing Institute, focusing on their Tiny Houses program. LIHI’s newest tiny house village, Rosie’s Village, is situated at the corner of 45th and Roosevelt. Residents began moving in on October 18 to a community of 37 tiny houses.

LIHI is one of the largest providers of tiny house village shelters in the nation, ensuring that people’s experience in homelessness is as safe, dignified, and brief as possible.

Tiny houses offer tremendous benefits over tents – they are safe, weatherproof, and lockable – and the communities that we help build allow residents to reclaim their dignity and get on a path to housing in a supportive village environment.

Each tiny house has electricity, overhead light, and a heater. Each tiny house village has kitchen and restroom facilities, onsite showers and laundry, a counseling office, and a welcome hut where donations of food, clothing, and hygiene items can be dropped off.

Get involved with LIHI

Donate: Set up payroll deduction or make a one-time gift to LIHI (charity code 1478543) through the UWCFD.

In-kind donations of building materials, supplies or meals for a village, or hygiene products are welcome! Contact uwcfd@uw.edu for specific donation needs and how to donate them.

Volunteer: Volunteers for the tiny house project are needed in a variety of areas, including carpentry, painting, artwork, advocacy, etc.). Email tinyhouses@lihi.org for more info and to apply.

For Nonprofit Organizations

Want to be part of the Combined Fund Drive? It’s easy – click here for more info. Want to make sure you get invites to on-campus events and updates on what we are doing? Email us at uwcfd@uw.edu and we’ll add you to our Speaker’s Bureau!


The UWCFD and the state CFD office recognize dedicated volunteers and teams each year with a variety of awards. Nominate your coordinator or yourself using a nomination form on this page. Our annual volunteer recognition event will be held in March 2022 – more details tba.